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    I have difficulty pulling certain hand gun triggers P226 specifically and the
    Beretta 92FS but not limited to. For those particular guns, is it possible
    to modify the pressure required to pull back the trigger (Hair-Trigger) without dramatically effecting the gun. I have nerve damage which effects certain muscles in my hand weakening it's ability to squeeze the trigger. I know very
    little about guns at the moment and have been considering joining the armed forces, but this presents a huge problem at the moment.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  2. janikphoto

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    Yes. A popular modification on the sig sauer models is to lighten the trigger pull. You can do a basic google search and find a ton of threads about changing the trigger spring for a lighter pull. You just can't go too light, or the gun will not be as reliable.

    By the way, one mod I'll be doing to my sig 225/p6 is a #20 trigger spring. I want it a tad bit lighter, but don't want to sacrifice ANY reliability or safety (too light and it may fire too easily or not fire at ALL)...

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    That's really good to hear. I'll be reading about the Trigger spring in the sig : )
  4. Dillinger

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    For Beretta and Taurus models there is a "P" shaped drop in piece that will reduce trigger pull down about 30%-35%

    I put one in for a buddy on his 96F. Total cost was like $40 and about 15 minutes of time.

  5. BigO01

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    Although you can modify the triggers to lighten many guns I think you better scratch the


    Deal , I don't think any branch of the service is going to modify a trigger on a weapon just so you can qualify with it .

    Also I doubt you could pass the basic PT tests they would put you through for 2+ months if you can't squeeze and unmodified trigger .
  6. matt g

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    Are you having issues with the breaking weight of the trigger, or the long, double action trigger pull.

    If you're planning on joining the military and you can't even pull a trigger, you'll probably want to hit the gym before signing papers. Combat is really no place for the weak.