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    I had a trigger lock that had been on a mossberg maverick 88 for close to ten years sawed off with an air saw and the trigger still sits at the rear of the trigger guard and I ran 5 shells through it a few times and the last 2 shelfell out the bottom both times? Tomorrow it will be done on my pre-ban AK that has had a lock on for the same amount of time. They both were stored away from my house and i finally got them back( my brother lost the keys to the locks)I am a little worried that I will have trigger problems with the AK. Not to mention my rifle getting damaged- any comments? Thanks
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    Clean and lubricate the AK before attempting to shoot it, inspect parts closely for rust and pitting.

    But I bet with some TLC, that AK will rock & roll.

    Sounds like the shotgun needs a thorough cleaning also.