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    I just spoke with a local gun smith to see how much it would cost it install a Timny Trigger on Remington 700. All he would have to do is take the X-Mark Pro Trigger out and drop the Timny in. I was told it would cost a few hundred dollars to do the job. What I don’t understand is timny 520 trigger drops right in and can be adjusted with a hex key and a trigger pull gage. I was told the adjustment is what brings the price up. Is this the normal price for a job like this ?

    Ps....I have all the parts needed no parts would be from the gunsmith.
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    This guy is a pirate! A good gunsmith should be able to put it in adjust it for around $65.00. Who is the pirate and his shop name! We need put the word out on people like him. Look online for a Remington Certified Service Center. If they are close you could call make an appointment drop the rifle off go to lunch and come back and pick it up. Ours happens to be in Louisville, KY. There are many here I am sure on the Forum that are armorers that could install it for you but the only downfall is the cost of shipping, insurance and handling! It is not a problem to install just takes a little time and knowledge!


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    Watch this video and then you decide whether the job is worth "a few hundred dollars." IMHO, the previous $65 quote sounds about right.

    Opinions vary, but that looks like something I'd attempt myself. Adjusting an adjustable trigger ain't all that tricky. Trigger pull gauges aren't that expensive ($16 on up, IAW Google) either.
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    a couple of hundred dollars? it's about a half hour job if the guy takes his time. i would have to guess a reasonable price to be about $50-75. i have replaced triggers on my Remington M700's in the past and adjusted them. as said a decent trigger pull guage isn't very expensive. mine cost about $20. the only other tools needed are an allen wrench to adjust the trigger and a small punch and a hammer to remove the trigger and reinstall the new one.

    yeah, the guy is yanking your chain big time.
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    My guess is that he just said "I don't have time or the inclination to do it,.......... Unless you REALLY make it worth my while"

    But then again, he might have high overhead, high insurance rates or a new boat.
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    My shop charges $50.00 to install and adjust. It is a simple job but you need to have your head on straight to check that everything was done correctly. Oh, and I warranty my work so I'll readjust it until it's right all under the same charge.

    I can't imagine what could cost several hundred dollars. Unless he misunderstood and thought he would have to supply the trigger?
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