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    I'm getting back into casting bullets, after a 15-20 year "Time Out" Well, like a Dumb A$$, I had let my RCBS Luber Sizer sit up with a 1/2 of tube of NRA blend lube.
    It had set up pretty hard-had to get out-some way??
    Had a Turkey Fry pot ($2.00 yard sale special) just sitting around gathering dust, so what the HE!!??
    Placed fry basket in pot, partially dis-assembled luber+size dies in basket, covered with water, brought to a boil-for 3-5 min.
    Placed complete pot outside over night. In the AM, lifted out basket with the complete layer of wax lube floating on top of the water. Saved the old lube for bullet flux.
    Dried out all parts and lightly lubed things that will rust, and I'm back in business!!
    Just thought that I would pass this idea on, in case others have had similar Dumb A$$ attacks!!:eek::eek::D
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    Now you've got me wondering how to get that Northstar V-8 out of Mrs. Noids' car and into a stewpot....