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    To some of you this may be old news as it came out in 2008, but I just saw something about it. It's the Remington 700 VTR, this thing has a triangular barrel. As far as I know(in my limited knowledge of firearms), this is the only one with a triangular barrel, but I could be wrong. I'm not planning on getting one or anything, just curious about it. Anyone know any pros/cons for it? the only advantage I can see is that it has more surface area that a round barrel, so it's gonna cool faster. Anything about it I'm missing?

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    It's not new. Check out the picture in my signature. I have had that barrel since 2002 on my .308.

    Has a top, 2 sided muzzle break that keeps the gas from venting down, and into any grass or dirt, and keeps the muzzle on target.

    I don't personally believe the light weight barrel is as accurate as a heavy barrel would be.

    Remington is jumping onboard a platform that has been out for years.


    I have no idea.... *shrug*


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    What's next? A triangular bore? Wasn't there something in the 70's that shot electrically discharged triangular bullets called "trounds"or some such nonsense?
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    Trounds were plastic cartridges with a roughly triangular cross section, but a round hole in the center that held the round bullet. Made for the Dardick automatic revolver, I have one .22 Tround and one .38 Tround. They use a standard small pistol primer.

    HOWEVER- going back to 1872- Mr. Otto Schneeloch (no, I did NOT make this up) patented the .307 Schneelock revolver. The cartridge is triangular in cross section, and is fired thru a triangular bore, which turns as you go up the barrel. Imagine cutting an orange in half, and note how the sections fit together- like triangles. Same principle with Otto's revolver.

    My nominee for top 10 weird guns of all time, and #1 weird name.

    Boy, does THIS post give spellcheck a workout!

    PS- for all that are certain that old C3 is pulling their leg again, here is the US patent:
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    I don't know if the triangular barrel is really any better, but I like the way it looks. :cool:
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    Remington's triangular barrel is nothing more than a marketing gimmick. A triangular barrel actually reduces the cooling area which in turn does not dissipate heat as well as a round or round fluted barrel, and more importantly, makes the barrel less rigid.

    If it's a cool factor thing than I guess it looks different, but functionally it's a step backwards.
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    I remember reading about these as a way for the weapon to cycle faster somehow, but it never made 100% sense to me.
    Dardick tround - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia