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    I thought I would take the time to give a big thumbs up to Triad Tactical. Last week I purchased one of their shotgun butt stock shell holders / cheek pads, since the Eagle brand is no longer being produced. Triad adopted the Eagle design and made it even better. It's very well constructed, and heavily double stitched everywhere. It attaches with Velcro straps like the Eagle and Blackhawk, but where it differs is that you can adjust the length of the straps to custom fit your stock, because they are not sewn in. They are attached to one side very securely with Velcro. They also include several strips of Velcro with the unit so you can easily adjust the height of the cheek pad itself.

    The shell holder loops are sewn very tight for 12 Gauge shells, and the first time you insert them they are very tight. But once you have shells in them for 24 hours they stretch to an almost perfect fit. I called to place the order and Steve was great to deal with. My order was shipped the next day, and in my hands in just a few days. He E-Mailed me a tracking number, which is always nice. That way you know exactly when it will arrive. They have a lot of tactical equipment for the black rifle or shotgun shooter. Worth checking out.