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    I am traveling in a month or so and I want to make sure that I understand everything about how to carry my pistol in my checked bag.

    I am flying Southwest. I will be leaving Nashville and flying into Denver. After Denver I am going to Portland, Oregon (but spending most of my time there in Washington, which is nice because I don't believe my carry permit is honored in Oregon.) The return leg of my trip will take me from Seattle/Tacoma back to Nashville.

    I have read both TSA and Southwest's pages about firearms and ammo, but I still have a couple questions. I know that my firearm will be in a locked, hard sided case. Unloaded and I believe the magazine can be in that same box but must be unloaded. I know I need to declare that I have an Unloaded firearm in my bag as soon as I get it to the counter, and then supposedly the airline staff and TSA will take over from there and borrow my key to check the firearm and case to confirm it is unloaded and secure.

    I have read that ammo is supposed to be in a metal, wood or cardboard box(many have suggested it stay in the box it is purchased in, but I reload my own ammo). I am curious as to whether a plastic box that snaps shut will work. Also, is the ammo box ok to be in the bag or does it need to be in the locked box with the gun.

    Has anyone had any experience with these cities or airports. Will I have any problem leaving Colorado and flying into Oregon?

    How long do I need to allow in the morning before the flight. I am flying out of Nashville at 6am. I don't want to be pushing it on time.

    These are my general questions and understandings of the process.
    Am I missing anything? Does Anyone have any insight on the ammo box?

    Thanks for taking time to look at this.

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    Never done it before but I'm sure you need to;

    Leave gun locked in case in the car then go tell the person at desk you have a firearm you wish to transport. They will send somebody outside to bring it in. Use a combination lock so you must be present anytime they want to check it.

    Make copies of the airline policy and keep them with you just in case they try to hassle you over what they "think" is policy. You'll be a step ahead and have it in print.

    Gun must be unloaded, mags must be unloaded. Ammo must be stored in the same locked case but must be in its own box. Some airline policy is a limit on the number of rounds you can transport and some are strict about it being in its factory box.

    Better arrive a couple hours early for any possible hassle you may have to put up with.

    Hope this helps. Just be cooperative with them and they ought to respect your rights.
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    I have travelled with a handun a couple of times. The ammo does not have to be in the same case as the gun. It does not have to be locked either. The gun must be unloaded and in a locked case. Do not use a TSA lock. They are not allowed to be able to open it. You must let them open it in your presence to inspect that it is not loaded. You do not have to leave it in your car as the other person said. You are allowed to carry in an airport. Just not beyond the security check point. Double check everywhere that you are going. Make sure that the gun you will be carrying is legal everywere that you are going. Dont forget about mag capacity. You have to be prepaired to let them open the case. But that does not mean they actually will. One time they left mine locked and xrayed it to show that there was no ammo in it. Do give yourself plenty of time. The arilne employees are well trained in this type of thing. I was the first person to fly on American Airlines out of Grand Junction Colorado with a gun. I know this because they had just started serving Grand Junction the week before I flew. When I got to the counter they didn't have any gun tags to mark my container as inspected. They had to borrow one from the Delta desk next to them. But even being brand new they were all pprofessional and obviously well trained in the process.
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    Any non-TSA lock is fine. They are legally required to have you present any time they open the case.

    Most people don't have any problems but it certainly doesn't hurt to be prepared.


    If this is an issue with your air carrier, and you are carrying reloads you might try scrounging an empty factory ammo box off a friend. They're not going to unpack the ammo to check if it matches the box.

    It probably won't take that long but better safe than sorry.

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    Noe even in Arkansaw :p