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    Currently I live in PA and I am going to be driving to Florida on vacation later in the year. I have a CCP in PA and I know that Florida has reciprocity with PA. SO my question is whether or not I am allowed to drive down there with my gun, considering I have to travel through a bunch of states that do NOT have reciprocity with PA regarding my CCP. Is it legal to lock my firearm in a case (unloaded), with ammo kept in separate container while driving through those certain states?

    I figured I'd poll the group before researching all those state laws.


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    Bear in mind that my legal advice is worth every penny you are paying me for it....:p

    Federal law (Gun Owners Protection Act) has a provision that, if it is legal to possess that gun at point of origin AND at destination, weapon is unloaded, weapon and ammo secured in area not accessible from passenger compartment (trunk), AND you do not have extended stop in a prohibited state, (gas/food yes, overnight no) then you are legal. Locked in glove box/ console no go.

    NYC, NJ, and DC still fail to comply with this law- avoid whenever possible.