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    Am planning a trip in the next few weeks to Texas with my new S&W MP15 Sport to go wild hog hunting with a client and wanted to know if you have any horror stories traveling a.k.a. "FLying" with the rifles? I checked out airline website and seems pretty straight forward but always leery about it ever being easy.
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    I had a run in with airport security a couple of weeks ago over a "replica firearm" in my possession.
    (see pic)
    That said leave the ammo home. Package the gun well in a good solid locked case and declare it to security when you check it and you should be good.

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  3. canebrake

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    You will need a TSA approved case for the gun and another (read: separate) approved case for any ammo you take.

    Oh yea, when you walk up to the counter DO NOT say, "I've got a gun."
  4. Gatoragn

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    Just walk up to the CS station and place your TSA approved lockable case on the scale and let the CS Rep. know you need to check a firearm.

    Ammo must be kept in a container designed for its safe containment, the original packaging is acceptable

    Southwest Airlines has the following posted on their website:

    Customers are responsible for knowing and following the firearms laws of the state(s) that they will be traveling to, from, and through.
    Our Customers must declare the gun to the Customer Service Agent at the ticket counter (no firearms will be accepted curbside) and ensure that the firearm(s) chambers are free of ammunition and the magazine clip has been removed (when applicable). Paintball guns and BB guns are considered the same as all other firearms.
    Firearms must be encased in a hard-sided, locked container that is of sufficient strength to withstand normal handling, as follows:
    A firearm in a hard-sided, locked container may be placed inside a soft-sided, unlocked suitcase.
    A firearm placed inside a hard-sided, locked suitcase does not have to be encased in a container manufactured for the transportation of firearms.
    The locked container or suitcase must completely secure the firearm from access. Cases or suitcases that can be pulled open with minimal effort do not meet the locked criterion.
    Only the Customer checking the luggage should retain the key or combination to the lock. No exceptions will be made.
    Firearms may be checked and will count toward the two-piece free baggage allowance for each fare-paying passenger. We allow multiple firearms to be transported inside one hard-sided case.
    Southwest Airlines assumes no liability for the misalignment of sights on firearms, including those equipped with telescopic sights.
    Firearms are never allowed in carryon luggage.


    Small arms ammunition for personal use (provided it is properly packed) is permissible in checked baggage only.
    The ammunition may be placed in the same container as the firearm and must be securely packed in cardboard (fiber), wood, or metal boxes, or other packaging specifically designed to carry small amounts of ammunition.
    When checking ammunition, Customers are limited to 11 pounds gross weight (ammunition plus container) per person.
    Magazines or clips containing ammunition must be securely packaged (placed in another small box or in a secure cutout in the carrying case, in order to protect the primer of the ammunition).
    Make sure guns are unloaded and definitely never transport a gun in your carryon baggage!
    Gunpowder (black powder) and primers or percussion caps are not allowed in checked or carryon baggage.
    Loose ammunition or loose loaded magazines and/or clips are not allowed.
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    put your ammo in your Pmags and put the dust cover on , this is secure enough as long as you have a slot in the case for them .
    its really basic , the only concerns I have is I want to take my SBR with me when I go to AZ and I need to make sure and remember to call the ATF to let them know its going with me and when I will be back with it, its a PITA but its only a 30 sec phone call to keep my arse outta the ringer I just have to remember to do it :)
  6. PanBaccha

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    I work with the airlines. (Not TSA ~ thank God)! You should have no problem if you follow airline policy. I see hundreds of gun cases every week go on board aircraft.
  7. MikeJK

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    Walk up with it slung, round chambered and declare your dislike with the current state of the world.
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    Oh yeah, just what I always wanted to do.....thanks. I think I am more afraid of PITA TSA agents than I am of the hogs, fire ants or cotton mouths I'm sure to encounter....will send pics if I make it back alive.....and that includes any TSA holding cells I might get stuck in!!!!