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    I have a CWP for Florida. I am planning to travel to South Carolina. I realize I am not able to carry concealed while in South Carolina. Am I able to travel to South Carolina with my firearm on my bike in an enclosed case? If I get pulled over for any reason, will I have to inform the police officer?
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    florida to south carolina

    Under section 16-23-20 you can carry. But i wouldnt volunteer the information. if you get stopped, act normal, dont say anything, and get your ticket and be on your way. Dont show your florida permit either, but make sure you bring it. If the officer sees it, he may ask if you are carrying so avoid that all together. But If for some reason something happens show him the florida permit and explain that you were not aware of the fact that you could not carry, he will probably just inform you of that fact that you cannot and to be careful and obey the rules of the road so that you arent stopped again and get back home as quick as possible, but i wouldnt leave the gun at home, personally i think it irresponsible, the weapon is safer in your possession. Take it, just be careful. I smuggled my XD9 in a case which said illegal in california across the WA border into OR, where i could not carry, and into CA where I could not carry, it was in the case in a bag in the back seat, was stopped twice by officers because i was sleeping in a rest area. no biggie. just be careful

    SECTION 16-23-20. A loaded handgun can be carried in the glove box or in the console (9), or a closed saddlebag on a motorcycle (16)

    SECTION 23-31-230. Any person may carry a concealable weapon from an automobile or other motorized conveyance to a room or other accommodation he has rented and upon which an accommodations tax has been paid.