Travel from Maine into Canada storage options

Discussion in 'Maine Gun Forum' started by Parrisk, Feb 26, 2018.

  1. Parrisk

    Parrisk New Member

    Planning a motorcycle trip from PA up through New England. a couple days in Maine then a couple days over into Nova Scotia to ride the Cabot Trail.

    I am trying to figure a legal storage option for my pew pew while I tour around Canada

    Options I have heard:
    Bank deposit box
    Pawn shop - hope the NICS system is up when I got to retrieve it
    Gun Smith - for a good cleaning while I am out of the country

    I do not expect storage for free.. just don't want to break any laws

    One camper said he turned it into a gun smith who cleaned it.. then upon re-entry into the USA the pistol was forwarded to him at a campground.. of course he couldn't remember names or places ???????? would that even be legal?
  2. Danoobie

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    The crossing point for NS would be at Calais, Maine, at the end of SR 9, coming out of Bangor. For any of these options you have mentioned, there will be the associated costs,
    not to mention the hassle of being there to drop the firearm off, and pick it up, during
    business hours.
    Perhaps you may want to book a hotel at Calais, Maine, in order to rest, and then be available when businesses are open, during the week.

  3. Parrisk

    Parrisk New Member

    Yes Calais has now been confirmed as my crossing point. primarily because I contacted the Chief of Police who let me know the True Value hardware store has locked storage specifically for folks crossing into Canada :)
    I think an evening in town going and returning is in order
  4. ellis36

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    I was "selected" for a random shake-down coming from a day-trip into Canada back into the US on a Harley by American border guards. They had a conniption fit because I had an empty holster and one errant bullet in my saddlebags. I had left my weapon with a riding companion who was going to do sight-seeing on the American side while I "did Canada."

    Apparently they suspected I had sold my gun on the Canadian side!!
    It was no "welcome home, countryman" for damn sure..