Trapped by Cityrail

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    [Just so you know, aka 'Sh*ttyrail' by the long-suffering Sydney public]



    A SYDNEY man tried to kick out a train window during his five-hour ordeal trapped in a tunnel.

    Sydney train operator RailCorp has apologised and admitted “something went wrong” with its procedures after Mark Connelly, 34, boarded the train at Bondi Junction yesterday morning at 9:15am.

    The train then shunted into a holding tunnel and stopped.

    Mr Connelly soon realised the train was empty, and was not going anywhere.

    “I tried pressing the emergency button but there was no answer,” he told The Daily Telegraph.

    “Then I tried calling people on my mobile, but I had no reception. The guard's compartment was empty. I realised I was gong to be stuck for a while.”

    New York-born Mr Connelly, who had been heading to Wynyard to donate blood, sat and read his book for a while, and then typed an email to his entire office to explain why he’d be late for work:

    Brings back memories of the nightmare I had back during the "Great Flood of '86" when it took 7 1/2hrs to travel home 16kms by train, which kept breaking down, and getting herded like Soviets across tracks teeming with rain in the dark to clamber up onto another platform occasionally. When the next train which arrived would break also break down. Seems little has changed.

    And I didn't have a damn book :rolleyes: