Transferring a Lee Enfield in Canada

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    Hey all, - disclosure- this is for anyone who knows about Canadian gun laws.

    So I have a question that I'm not able to quite find a good answer on. My grandpa was in WWII and has his old Lee Enfield that he wishes to pass on to me. I am just not sure how to take ownership of it because:

    - his gun is not registered, and
    - I am not sure if he even has a gun license anymore. (if ever - yes he's old, so i don't know what the laws were back in the day),
    - he lives in Quebec and I live in BC.

    - I am licensed, and could legally take ownership of it.

    My question is how can I get it from him to me legally, without it setting off alarms.

    I thought about shipping it but I assume it will be scanned by airports and be rejected/redflagged because its a gun.

    I thought about him registering it, then legally transferring it to me, but if he has no license/ has not registered it yet, I'm not sure if they would get him in trouble or confiscate the gun from him.

    Because I live so far away, I can't just pick it up and register it, I have to ship it, but can I ship an unregistered gun?

    OR can I have the gun registered in my name in Quebec? Even though I'm not living there? Does anyone know how I can go about this?

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    Thanks. I have some friends at a couple of gun shops that have given me some tips. So, between your link and them I think I'll get it!

    Wish me luck!
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    Of course the general rule of asking a legal question still stands whether US or Canadian... don't ask for a legal opinion on a web forum. We're not lawyers. Go find a lawyer. I'd spend a couple thousand on good legal advice to make sure I can hang on to something like that.