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Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by oldredneck, Dec 9, 2007.

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    I've always heard the trajectory of a projectile from a rifle usually crosses the line of sight at approximately 25 yards and again at approximately 100 yards and over the years this has proven to be true with several rifles I have owned. For some ungodly reason I began to wonder if the same holds true for handguns. Actually, I began to think about this subject after putting a red dot sight on a Ruger Mark III and seeing the difference in point of aim and point of impact at difference distances. I guess I have too much time on my hands now that I'm getting too old to think about sex all the time. Can anyone give me info on the trajectory tendencies of a handgun?
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    Usually the box of ammo has that information on it. If you handload, your load tables should give it to you also.

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    Where the bullets cross the line of shight depends on where you have the gun zeroed. Really I don`t care where the bullet crosses the line of shight, just where it crosses on it`s way down. I have a .22-6mm that I`m now useing for my long range gun and I do my best to have the bullet cross the line of sight at the target no matter what range the target is. I range the target with a lazer range finder then dial in the correct moa on the scope and if all goes well I hit the target. I carry a drop chart to see what to dial in and at present 600 yrds. is the farthest I`ve tried it, but I hit a gallon jug as close to the center as you can get form 600 yrds. some that bullet crossed the line of shight at 600 yrds.