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Discussion in 'Training & Safety' started by Anch368, Mar 14, 2011.

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    I was wondering if anyone who gives instruction or has received one from a certified trainer knew what the instructor was charging for the session. I am just getting into the instruction for pay thing. I have been shooting for 12 plus years and am an NRA certified instructor in both pistols and rifles. I was just helping people out at first but now I have 6 or more people who want me to go to the range with them regularly. Figured that I would provide the ammo and firearms, as well for an hour long session. Thanks!
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    Around my area, folks usually charge about 85-100 bucks for a class. The class is for a CCW permit. That said, there really isn't a high demand for other type of classes, mostly because no one has really offered it. That and it is a pretty rural state that is mostly agriculture. Big time hunt culture, not so much on pistol fighting.

    As far as what I personally charge for the CCW I don't think it's right to charge folks for a class (that I don't think should be mandatory) so they can exercise a right. The down side to this is my time is being taken away from my family. I think here in the near future I may have to charge a small fee for just the time.

    Now if I were to give a basic course such as a beginners class on pistols or rifles that did not relate to CCW, then I would charge. I figure for 8 hours then I'm going to charge around 100 bucks. This is for time and use (wear and tear) of my range. The price goes up if I provide ammo and equipment like eyes and ears.