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Discussion in 'Training & Safety' started by Bigcat, Dec 25, 2012.

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    Train a new Gun Owner!

    With so many new owners of modern sporting rifles out there there have got to be some that are untrained.

    If someone at your work or social circel just got one an is unfamiliar, please volunteer to help him.

    Start with dry handling and dry fire.
    Then graduating on the range to full handling and shooting.

    This may help save lives and (perversely perhaps even more important) help deny the enemey inicdents he can use with the sheeple to erope our rights. (the resulting civil war causing many more death than unsafe gun handling ever would)
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    I feel that we all should never stop training. As a former pilot, lack of competency and recurrent training is a open invitation to complacency and fatal errors in judgment. It's not the time to be "... at ease in Zion". When we are sure we know enough, we are drifting to knowing little.

    Preachy?... Yes!

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    training is like a mug of beer just when you thought it was full you noticed it was still half empty. You can never train enough I still train with my firearms and I don't even know what might happen so when I get the time I train for things that could happen and then somethings that I don't see happening anytime soon but we all know murfy law.
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    I to believe in good training. And yes your right about new gun owners, The best way to learn is first to learn safety. Then practice, practice and more practice. One way to practice is with wax bullets, there safer, cheaper and can be shot indoors. We at the CFDA practice with them all the time in 45's. Because we do practice so much I invented the Easyloader Press and loading blocks that load 50 wax bullets in under a minute. The club rule is safety first and fun second. Also know your weapon and what it can do. It's a tool like any other tool. Please be careful and always practice safety first. At close range they can be lethal. For more info on the loader visit