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    Ive got some extra money this month and have decided to get a trail camera. I'm looking for something around 200 +/- and reliable under snow and extreme humidity and especially something with a long battery life . I don't want other hunters to take my shtuff so needs a good security of somehow. This is my first so please help me out, any ideas?
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    I recently purchased two of the best trail cameras I have ever had. And I have had several and different brands. I am not kidding they are the easiest to set and also the controls are great and simple. In addition they come with a mount that you just leave on the tree so you can not only pull the SD from them but can easily take them off the tree mount and put them back in. They are the Cuddeback Attack IR Cameras. If you try one I think you will like them and they are close to your price range if you shop around!