Tragedy on the open seas

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    4 American hostages killed by pirates, US says - Yahoo! News

    SOMALI pirates, by just looking @ one of their names (abdullahi mohamed), i could guess their um, "higher affiliations." and i could also guess their reasons for killing 4 Christian Americans without negotiations.

    this is a tragedy, and if the United States and Americans do not open their eyes and backoff the east for a while, especially now, there is going to be more death than when the war started in 1990.
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    Very sad, but apparently could have been easily prevented. They were part of a convoy along a "safe" route, but they broke off to take a detour which is when the initial attack occurred. I'll try to find a link, just repeating what I heard on the radio yesterday.

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    Time for the FTF Somali Cruise!! May these four Americans rest in peace.
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    Why can't our flagged ships just say "F^ck international law!":mad: and carry guns on their ships for protection.

    Quick solution but not perfect. Wait to have ships go to a certain country in the region until there are at least 5 going to the same port. Send another ship armed to the teeth. A real gun ship. Use the ship as an escort, but have it stop right at the edge of the country's sovereign waters and international waters boundries. Whats the distance? For some reason I believe its seven miles if what I was told was accurate.

    Have the guns ships wait until they are all finished and then escort them back. All the stories I have heard are that the pirates attack in open waters, so the cargo ships should be safe in port.

    I'll go man a .50 out in the Arabian Sea.:D
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    You have naval vessels from alot of navies, United States, Europeans nations, Russia, China, Iran to name a few that vessels trying to stop these guys. That is a big area and these pirates are going out further on suicide one-way missions to catch a vessel in deep deep waters, even when using the mothership to launch the smaller boats. That area is a bloody choke point going into the Gulf of Aden to the Suez Canal.

    United States looks at the 12 nautical miles range from shore.

    Mining will not work with the crafts the pirates are using.

    It needs to become that all ships in international waters are armed that will be traveling around the horn of Africa and anywhere near the pirate infested zone!
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    I agree what ever happened to mercs on the ships with people? I think it should be legal to have a ma duece on the deck of a ship hell maybe even a vulcan. This stuff is just going to keep happening until some country or armed force of people kills enough of them until they stop, the only question is how many people is enough. I agree that there comes a time when talking can solve things but then there are times when vilence is nessicery.

    I just don't think talk to these people are going to get them to stop what there doing to the ships and the people on them.
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    I can't get my head around the fact that they have 30 ships and more than 660 hostages!!! I guess it must be pretty easy to hide 30 ships!!
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    The US has satellites that are capable of reading the price of gasoline at the local gas station. There is a critical lack of resolve on the part of western nations to go after the Somali pirates.