Trade-Up To A New Swarovski Optik Binocular

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    Trade-up to a New SWAROVSKI OPTIK Binocular!

    Purchase an EL 42 or 50 mm SWAROVISION or SLC 42 mm HD Binocular and send Swarovski your old EL (non-SWAROVISION) or SLC-NEU 10x42 (non-HD) Binocular to receive up to $900* back from SWAROVSKI OPTIK NORTH AMERICA thru 6/30/2012.

    Swarovski has announced a trade in program for their EL and SLC binoculars thru 6/30/2012:
    If you buy a new EL 42mm or 50mm Swarovision or a new SLC 8x42 HD or SLC 10x42 HD you can trade in your old EL 8.5x42, 10x42 EL or SLC 10x42 (Only the dark Green version with a serial #D7450 or more current).
    The way this will work is you buy your new binocular from us and then contact Swarovski for an RA# and send your binocular in to them. Your binocular must be functional.
    They will allow:
    $700.00 for a 10x42 SLC-neu
    $850.00 for an 8.5x42 EL
    $900.00 for a 10x42 EL
    Swarovski will then send you a payment.
    My advise, before you call us to order your new binocular (as everyone hates issues with product trade ins) is to call Swarovski @ 1-800-426-3089 and speak with someone in customer service to make sure your trade in binocular is eligible for the rebate. Always a great idea to check and confirm ahead of time, rather than to find out after you make the purchase that your binocular is too old to qualify.
    IMO, this is a wonderful program and Swarovski is stepping up to the plate to make upgrading your existing Swarovski binocular a breeze.

    Terms and Conditions for SWAROVSKI OPTIK Trade-Up ProgramConsumer must first purchase a new EL 42 or 50 mm SWAROVISION or SLC 42mm HD Binocular between 1/15/12 and
    6/1/12 from an Authorized SWAROVSKI OPTIK NORTH AMERICA Dealer. Consumer must call SWAROVSKI OPTIK NORTH
    AMERICA Customer Service at 800-426-3089 or email to obtain a return authorization number.
    Binocular must be functional in order to be eligible for this program. Products that qualify for the trade up are:
    EL 42 mm non-SWAROVISION models and SLC-Neu 10x42 model only with a serial Number that starts with D7450 or later.
    Consumer must send in their older EL 42 mm (non-SWAROVISION) or older SLC-Neu 10x42 binocular with the RA#, copy of the receipt for the new binocular and the trade-in promotion form to the address below. US and Canada residents only.
    Attn: Trade-Up Program, SWAROVSKI OPTIK NORTH AMERICA LTD., 2 Slater Road,Cranston, RI 02920
    Product must be received within 30 days of the date of new product purchase. All product must be received by 6/30/12.
    EL 42 mm non-SWAROVISION SLC-Neu 10x42 non-HD Binoculars that are eligible to trade-in. Binoculars that are eligible to purchase.
    EL 42 or 50 mm SWAROVISION
    SLC 42 mm HD
    Check will be issued payable to the buyers name 4-6 weeks after product is received once determined product qualifies for the promotion.