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Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by 67Malibu, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. 67Malibu

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    I have a ruger gp100 revolver stainless with a 4" barrell in excellent condition it has maybe 700 rounds through it I don't use it anymore.

    I also have a ruger P85 pistol also in excellent condition stainless with 3 clips that has 1000 rounds put through it and again I don't use it anymore.

    what I would like to do is trade one of them them for a plinker, I was thinking a Walther p22 so I could get my boy out there plinking at our club range here in connecticut and the price of ammo wont kill me to go out a lot with him. so which gun would I be better off trading in without getting screwed. I have no idea on what the 2 rugers are worth now. I paid $300 for each of them a while ago.

    eventually I'd also like to end up with a S&W MP.45 for myself but I have no clue at all on how much I should try to get to trade for a plinker and then a trade for the MP45 any thoughts would be appreciated.
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    Well, the best measure of what a gun WILL sell for, is what that gun IS selling for. I looked over on, and A GP 100 seems to go for between $350-$400. Now, that is retail- on trade in expect that to be cut by 25-50% (dealer IS looking to make a profit)

    You may check around, and see what you are offered AS A TRADE-IN- if too low, sell it, and buy what you want.

    For a fun 22 plinker, you might look at the Ruger 22 autos.

  3. stalkingbear

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    Are you flat out SURE you want to sell 1 of them without later experiencing seller's remorse? I just picked up a Ruger 22/45 the other day for 239$.
  4. 67Malibu

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    Yes I'm sure I want these gone. I can't afford to just go buy another gun and whats the sense of keeping the guns I don't shoot anymore it has been over 3 years I've taken the 357 or 9mm out to fire I keep them cleaned but thats the only time I look at them.

    I bought a Kahr PM9 that I use alot and I carry it, I definitely prefer the smaller compact kahr over both the others I have although I'd like more rounds in the PM9. but as I said I want to get my oldest boy to the range with me so a plinker 22 would be perfect in size and the ammo is cheaper for us.

    I will also look at the ruger 22 thanks for the suggestion I've only looked at the Walthers since I have friends that love theirs.
  5. WDB

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    The gp100 expect about $250 trade in and about $400 for personal sell. The P85 expect about $200 trade in and $350 personal sell. For plinker for your son look at a PPK and for you...well you already picked out one of the best, I've had my S&W M&P 45 for almost two years and it is one of the best pistols I've ever shot. If you trtade both in at the same time to buy a good plinker for you son and a M&P for yourself the dealer may give you a bit more.