Texas Trade an 1874 Enfield-Martini in .25 Krag for Lever .45-70

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    1874 Enfield-Martini in .25 Krag

    She started life as a British Army Rifle (which had been adopted in 1871 and was originally chambered for the .577/.450 cartridge).

    Comes with both left and right custom stocks, although the right needs a butt plate (I’ve been using a Limb Saver).

    It comes with a container full of 30-40 Krag brass casings, a few .25 cal bullets and the 1930s-era RCBS dies to neck them down to .25 Krag – really, this is just a pleasure to shoot. Great shape considering it is 139 years old.

    It was made on a Black powder action, and while the Martini is a strong action, you will need to keep chamber pressure levels below 50,000 psi when making rounds.

    I will also send the handload recipe, which has me hitting the swingers at 300.

    Looking to trade for a .45-70 lever rifle, with scope and dies. I’ve been invited on a bear hunt next year, and want to own my own big stick. It’s hard to justify owning a .25 Krag when I have a Browning .223 for varmints.

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