Track of the Wolf Bucks County rifle kit - Draw Filing

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    I know not many of you are into this rifle building stuff. But, for the few who are, I hope you're enjoying this series.

    This is a mini update on the TOW Bucks county flintlock rifle kit build. It is kind of out of sequence with the rest of the videos. so I broke it out on its own.

    It covers draw filing the barrel. Typically I only draw file and polish the top three barrel flats. But for this build I did the bottom obliques and the side flats. I'll do the top later.

    I've been complaining that the barrel was tight in the channel, and I was blaming it on the stock. I finally got around to measuring the 13/16th Colerain barrel I'm using.

    True 13/16ths is 0.8125 inches. This barrel is 0.8245 inches. I measured a couple of Green Mountain barrels from rifles I built 20 years ago and they measured 0.8145.

    So the Colerain barrel is a little fat.

    Here's my draw filing procedure...