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    Somewhere my Dad had more distant records. But I have information back to England where my great, great. great, grandfather Nathanial C fell in love with and married an Irish Girl and was banished from the English family in England. I guess in the day the Irish were severely looked down on by the Brits! They moved to Dublin. Later the ancestors came to Elis Island in NY as immigrants. I believe due to the Potatoe famine? Then split up to other areas in the USA. Winchester VA., GA., Indiana, and even some as far as CA. But following ancestors is exciting. If I ever get the time I am going to do more in depth research.
    Has anyone here done any research through Ancestry.Com and is it factual???

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    My ancestors tended to be close lipped about their pasts. That whole "Statute of Limitations" thingy. Scoundrels, rogues, rustlers and smugglers. Part of the family made it from Scotland to Ireland to the US, where they met up with the other side of the family- now Eastern Band Cherokee. The family motto should be "Quae negare" (Deny everything)
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    i used Ancestry.Com years ago when it was still free to use. from what i did know to be factual about our family and what they published on their site seemed to be reasonably accurate. but, there seemed to be areas that information was just missing.

    when the ancestry sites started charging for a membership to do any searching was about the time i stopped doing anymore research.
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    We have contributed, a lot to their database, over the years.We being our Family and Distant Cousins.
    There is a whole lot that is not on their site.
    We have been all over Sotuhwest Va and east Tn, and Arkansas and Ohio and Indiana, in graveyards and historical societies.
    We have one Cousin who of the last few years, has invested much time and energy finding out hidden details to finish the lineage and stories. The first Court of Claiborne County was in my
    Ancestors home. The first Court , off Hamilton County was in my Great Aunt's and Husbands tavern, home and courthouse, and is no fully restored.
    A Cousin in Va finally found the grave and stone, of my Fifth G Grand Father who served in the Revolution, in Valley Forge. Now we have to get it marked by the Army and DAR and SAR once we get the paper trail down.
    I have got to find out where he found it and go do a chalk rubbing so it can be read better. Another excuse to go through the hills and hollows of South West Va and Northeast Tn.
    A couple of Cousins are trying to put together a tour, of all the sites where they lived the Churches they attended, Historical sites and parks around where some died and the farms, and Court houses.
    Cousin in the AF will finish his book that will break off at my GG Grand father, in Ark.
    Illness etc have kept me and another Cousin from getting ours together. I hope she has done some work she hasn't talked about.
    It is a good excuse/ reason, to tour the Country and be of purpose.
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    I came out with black hair, brown eyes and the ability to tan well. I have a sister that is a dark blond, with pale skin and green eyes; and a brother that has red tinted hair, and green eyes. God must like variety, and my family is varied too.
    My mother tended towards reddish hair, with green eyes; and she did not take to suntanning.

    I have called myself a mutt, and people look at me, and think that I am denigrating myself.
    I am not, since I must have every variety of English/Scott/Welsh tribe, floating around inside of my bloodline. And I am OK with that.
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    I did the DNA "My Heritage"

    Bit surprised. I thought I had a little French and German, but the DNA says only Welsh and Scottish.
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    There any of them still in Winchester? That's where I'm at.