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    My local Gander has 5.56 tracer rounds for sale, is there any downfall to firing these? Anyone with experience with them, I believe they were American Eagle tracer's.
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    Mainly that most ranges will not let you fire them, they have a tendency to start fires ;). I've also heard they are not too good on the barrel of your gun either. As it would be cool to fire some, good luck finding a place to fire them. I'd probably just spend my money on regular ammo :cool:

    As for experience i've never fired them. Guns & Ammo did an article on a better alternative to classic tracers, but i remember that you had to reload your own ammo to utilize it.

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    I have probably fired more tracer than will fit in a 5 ton truck. Seriously.

    Really no harm to barrel. Hazard is the round has a tail of VERY hot flame about 12" long behind the bullet in flight. If it hits something combustible before the tracer has burned out, (like the Earth, maybe) you have a good chance of setting it on fire. We have burned off more ranges with M60s and Ma Deuces than you would believe!

    However, as a member of Armed Forces, was not my land, and not my worry. There was a firebreak plowed around the impact area. Designed to burn. We would use artillery simulators to blow out some fires close to us.

    YOU- on the other hand, are likely a private citizen. And while I am NOT a lawyer, I'll bet you a beer and a steak that YOU have a law on the books in your state- and that it says something on the order of "start a fire, pay for damage from the fire AND cost of putting it out."

    Say, did you ever watch the videos where they use helicopters to drop water on forest fires? Did you know those cost about $650 an hour to operate?
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    not only can they cause fires.. but you need to be shooting a few hundred yards to really be able to see them. and its gotta be dark. anything under 200 yards and daylight and you wont see a thing
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    when i was a m60 gunner i removed the tracers out of the ammo belts most of the time. i relied on my skill as a gunner. tracers serve no purpose other than letting the enemy know where your position is.

    they are fun to shoot but are damn good at starting fires in the damndest places. i too have set a lot of acerage on fire with tracers in the army.

    as a civilian too much liability shooting them.

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    Thank you for the replies. It was just one of those novelty things for me. Didn't break the bank and is an interesting talking piece for me. Will probably never shoot them. But I've wasted money on worse things...