Total disarmament can only happen if the people let it happen.

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    Of the new estimates of 95 Million +/- a few Gun owners in America, the problem with total disarmament is a large headache to any who would take guns from the People.

    The only way it can happen is for the People to just roll over and let them ban firearms. Again as I have stated before in other threads the problem we face is that not all gun owners believe the same. There are many who believe that only shotguns and hunting rifles should be legal to own. Then we also got them that believe that only black powder rifles and pistols should be legal sense it is what the people had when they pinned the Constitution.

    Of the estimated 95 million gun owners a full 1/3rd will turn in their guns if a ban is put into place, believing it to be for the greater good of all. Around 1/3rd will give up what they got as each type is banned, (Assault Weapons ect.). Many will simply say well we don’t need Assault weapons because they belong on the battlefield in the hands of the Army. So they will give up the ones they have with out a whimper. Thinking their hunting rifles and shotguns are safe.

    That still leaves around 30 million gun owners that the government has to deal with. Of that 30 million if just half makes a stand together and says NO then the government is facing one hell of an armed Army. One problem that the people who do make a stand have is that they will be unorganized and many will run off to the hills to hide, not fight openly as would be needed.

    The government can afford to weight out any peoples who run to the hills and establish a retreat/strong hold. Or they can just place a few 155’s a few miles away and level the whole compound at their leisure, What news of this event would make the government look justified because all 12 families in your little hide away were terror-ists and would not give up.

    Every gun owner should remember, that it is not about the type or function of firearms that the gun grabbers want to ban but rather all private owned guns. If all 95 million-gun owners ban together before such happens then it cannot happen. Your most powerful weapon today is the vote, and with the vote you should be able to replace any who would usurp authority over the rights of free Americans. If the area/state you live in does not have pro-gun/pro-rights people running for office then get off your *** and run for that office yourself.

    Write letters to all your political representatives regardless if they are anti-gun or not. Let them know where you stand and that you will not tolerate any infringement of your rights. Let them know that you will vote against them in the next election if they support any form of restrictions on guns. Be nice when communicating with elected officials do not make threats of violence, but be firm and consistent. Speak plane English not lawyer gibberish, and do not speak of armed revolt.

    When a bill comes up that is anti-gun, write your legislature and let them know they you don’t want them to support it and their political career may be in jeopardy if they do. Do not support any common sense bill or a bill we can all live with because this just gives the anti-gun/anti-rights people more power. Even if you personally don’t believe anyone needs a .50 cal sniper rifle and they want to ban private ownership of this type of weapon do not support it. It amounts to a divide and conquer technique, which they use with great success.

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    Opaww, I agree 100%.
    With that said, every time I think about the fact the we, as gun owners and Citizens, of the United States of America, have to defend the RIGHT, that is the Second Ammendment, it leaves me sitting droopy-eyed and slack-jawed. I may not be the brightest bulb on the tree but, to me, this shouldn't even be coming up for debate on a daily basis! How EFFIN stupid, evil, malicious,devious,controlling,egotistic,megalomaniac, can our ELECTED representatives BE!! This is Supreme Law!! When some Butt-munch brings gun control up the rest of em should be telling him to shut the hell up already! I mead DAMN!!!

    OK, sorry about the rant, I need to get that out now and then .:D