Tornadoes in Illinois

Discussion in 'Illinois Gun Forum' started by winds-of-change, Apr 9, 2015.

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    Right now I am in Missouri for the S&H but tornadoes have touched down very close to my home and the homes of my two sons. I have heard from my oldest son and my daughter but no one has been able to reach my youngest son and a tornado touched down in his town. My oldest drove to check on his brother. The house is still standing but my son wasn't home. I finally just heard from my youngest son who went out with a friend after work.

    The hospital I work at is in disaster mode. All available personnel have been called in to work. A restaurant nearby was flattened and there are people in the restaurant's basement. We'll see what comes out of that basement.

    I'm glad I'm safe in Missouri but I wish I were at work to help, too.

    Nature is a mighty force, indeed.
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    Hope everybody's ok Winds ! The weather is really crazy , from sub-freezing and snow to tornados , no break hardly . Stay safe and not to worry about material things . I no it hurts to lose some things , I have lost everything a while back but I'm still in one piece ! I can replace what I need !