Top Shot... So I'm stupid.

Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by polo196, Feb 25, 2011.

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    Just tuned in to the reruns, of the first two shows, of Season Two of Top Shot.
    Someone looked familiar. Then I realized it was a guy I worked with in Japan, who was at the Range with me and tried to give me shooting tips. I told him to knock it off, he couldn't help me get any better with the 45. That guy went on to be the most winning rifle pistol shooter at the Nationals at Camp Perry Ohio. No one has won more competitions there than him. Brian Zins, I will listen to any tips you may have now. I wish I would have listened then.
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    Never know who you meet. Several years ago, was in a shop in Tidewater VA. Youngster came in, and jumped into a conversation about .300 Win Mag. He badmouthed the .300- there are so many other better rounds, it was just an over hyped 30-06, child of Winchester marketing, etc. He left shop without being introduced to gent that was discussing 300 Winny loads with shop owner.

    Carolos Hatchcock. In addition to his fame as a Marine sniper, had won the 1000 meter Wimbleton Cup Championship. Shot a perfect 10X- with a .300 Winchester Magnum.