Top Shot FTF style.

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by cpttango30, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. cpttango30

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    OK We are all knockin Top Shot so How would we fix it.


    1. Host get a host that has some knowledge about firearms.

    2. No one gets eliminated.

    3. Everyone stays the entire time.

    4. Leader board showing who is in the lead over all and who did what in each challange.

    5. We would start with a long bow then progress to modern firearms.
    Long bow
    Cross bow
    match lock
    flint lock
    cap and ball
    rimfire cartridge
    centerfire black powder rifle and pistol
    centerfire smokeless rifle and pistol

    Then the grand finale would be one long shooting course that awarded point for speed and accuracy with every weapon shot on the show. The shots would be based on but not exactly like the prior shooting on the show.
  2. willshoum

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    Come back and tell me how many rounds it took for the Military to kill one NVA, in Nam. And how many rounds it took by the Snipers!!!!! Snipers do their homework!!!!!! One Shot Kill!!!!!:eek::)

  3. Yunus

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    I like the challenges like the zip line. That was interesting and unexpected. They just need to keep score and treat it as a competition where you compete until the end instead of a reality show.

    If they really must kick people off the show, do it based on the competition not based on votes. When it gets down to the last 4 or 5 people the "Top shot" will get voted off because the others will realize he is better than they are. This defeats the purpose of the show and makes it into a competition of being friends with the most people instead of being the most accurate.

    Maybe it should be a 2 hour special instead of a season long series.
  4. Jpyle

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    Yeah. I damn near puked when the host referred to the AR as an assault rifle.

    Show would be better if team competitions were followed by team v team eliminations. Shooters would be selected by results of team competition similar to seed match-ups in NCAA tourney.
  5. Dillinger

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    There is no definite number on number of rounds for infantry kills in Vietnam.

    The commonly accepted ratio was 1.7 rounds fired by US snipers in Vietnam to achive an enemy KIA, but with the number of "probables" listed, and the fact that the NVA would drag off wounded and dead, there is no definite answer.

    Now what does that have to do with Tango's TV show?? :eek::confused:
  6. M14sRock

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    I'm fine with Colby as host, but he is being "handled" behind the scenes which is to be expected. I'm sure the Assault Rifle ref was mandated by the director and used to "dumb it down" for public consumption.

    But I agree with Tango that it should be based upon cumulative results and a winner crowned at the end. Too easy to vote off the competition.
  7. IDVague

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    I was interested in this show until I watched it and saw it was a "Survivor" style show that had more to do with personalities than shooting. As soon as they started voting I tuned out and won't look back.
  8. cpttango30

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    OK So what would you guys do to fix it? That is what this thread is all about.

    We all know it is broke lets fix it shoot out some ideas.

    I think they should take 8 experienced shooters and 8 people with little to no experience and pair them up. Then you have the novice shooters compete in the end to see who got the best. That would be a good show I think.
  9. ScottA

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    I think it makes sense to set up the competition in brackets. Competitors go head to head until just two to determine the winner.