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  1. damocles

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    Any opinions regarding top fold style folding stocks for a mossberg 500?
  2. orangello

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    They look cool in movies, but i prefer a full stock on my mossy 500. The one i have does have a pistol grip, but it is part of a relatively normal stock. I get the extra control of the PG without straining my wrist. As far as my increased overall length, there isn't much stock sticking out behind me if i have to snug the shotty up under my arm for close quarters work AND i can get away with a 18.5" barrel instead of the 20" usually seen with the PG-only setup.

    ? I thought damocles was more into bladed weapons?

  3. robocop10mm

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    In my limited experience folding stocks, especially the top folders are uncomfortable to shoot in 12 ga. The stock this is modeled after, the Reminton stocks of the 70's were down right punishing to shoot. I would avoid this novelty.
  4. HockaLouis

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    I needed a pistol grip sized shotgun in a project/my current HD shotgun and ultimately ended up with this concession -- shotgun shooters will recognize they really need a stock.

    This Choate top folder fit the bill because of the sidesaddle which also holds the light. Looks cool, right? However, this is one oddly made stock, is heavy, feels about six-inches too long (and I have long arms), and you can't possibly get a cheek weld. I'd say avoid the Choate top folder. It is really just a useless apendage on my pistol grip go-to shotgun that will be replaced ASAP with a traditional outline SpeedFeed +4 that's waiting in the wings, unless...

    I know there are others that fold to the right that DON'T cover the ejection port and allow the slide to be worked. Maybe someone could tell us what a good one of those is while we're at this!?

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  5. proffitt

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    I forget who makes buy amazon sells a goid fir about $ 60 i thick it ATI but wouldnt swear to it
  6. dragunovsks

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    I respectfully disagree....i have the ATI top folder on my NEF protector and it is very comfortable to shoot in either position. Im not saying that all top folders are comfortable but i believe mine is very enjoyable to shoot.

    Btw the ati top folder is available for the mossberg 500, i got mine for my nef for 60 bucks
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  7. Scratchammo

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    Choate is what I'd go with, Arkansians know how to make stocks.