Top-Break Revolvers

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    Are there alot of top-break revolvers out there, are they still made?
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    Top break revolvers

    There used to be high standard revolvers mostly in .22 caliber,old iver johnsons,as well as s&w small to scofield revolvers. Today,there is only (to my knowledge) reproductions of scofield for cowboy action shooting by companys such as uberti among others. The uberti guns I've examined and shot have been very well made.

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    Top Breaks

    Still seeing them regularly - however the original S&Ws are going over the top in price. You can expext to pay anywhere from about $1500 for a beater, to $5000-$6000 for one in pristine condition. These are the big bore single actions. The smaller calibre .32 and .38 S&Ws are more reasonable ($500-$1000) in execellent condition depending on the model. is a good sight to check.

    Uberti is making top breaks for the SASS crowd and those who just like an old west classic. However when they were designed this go-round, to accomadate longer cartridges, they took the gas ring off of the cylinder. This makes them a smokeless powder cartridge gun only. The black powder fouling will bind them up after a few shots. Uberti is making them for several vendors such as Navy Arms... The Ubertis are going between $750-$850. Beretta has also bought Uberti and is putting out a top break under their name that is a little higher in cost.

    S&W re-issued the Schofield in 2000 (limited edition), and they are all over the internet for around $2000. They are chambered for the .45 Schofield only which can make shooting a little pricy for the average person.
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