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    Can someone recommend to me a company that makes high quality gunsmith tools? I've looked at a couple manufacturers (Grace, Weaver, Lyman) but I have no way of really telling the quality of their products. I've bent a few low quality punches.

    What about gun-specific vises? Most I have seen in catalogs and the internet do not seem to be constructed that well. Are they worth it? Or should I just get a shop vise and some nylon blocks?

    The gunsmith near me charges too much and I do not find the quality of his work good at all. I get by now, but I want to work on higher end weapons and not risk marring them.
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    Get a set of Starett #565 Punches. 8 various sizes in a Red plastic container which allows you to see the size rather than sorting through the punches when using them. I use them in my armorer schools they are tops and very durable. And if you ever break one you can replace the single punch at any Fastnal Store in the USA or Granger's.
    Also if you have a Northern Tool around go get their Heavy Duty 4" Vise and make some Nylon Jaw Plates. You can even make them out of a thick cutting board. You can also glue leather pads on the nylon also if you need another set of jaws that are softer.

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    You can never go wrong with Brownel's. They guarantee every single tool they sell. Midway has many tools also. a regular made in USA vise should be just fine. In my years of gunsmithing I used a heavy Sears Craftsman vise and a Versa-vise and a couple of hand vises. you will need a couple of jaw pads depending on the particular job.
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    Brownell's #64 came in the mail today. If they do not have the tool, then it does not need to be worked on.

    (Brownell's now sells ammo, too)