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    I've got all my parts to start my build, and I will be starting next weekend. My question for you guys is, are there any specific tools that I absolutely need to put together my SLR or is it possible to just do it with normal tools that I would have in a tool box?
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    Well you can get by with standard tools building up the stripped lower. I did anyway, using standard punches, drill bits (for guides and to hand turn in all holes to clear out flash), hammer and vice grips. No vice is necessary. Look at the videos and guides at Brownells and, it's easy for anyone who is handy in the garage. Take your time and be sure you correctly ID every little pin and spring and don't install in the wrong place. I'd say wait until last to do the bolt catch, people sometimes try to force the disconnector spring in there. Go slow and you still can be done in 90 minutes or less.

    If you're building the upper then you will need a vice, barrel wrench, etc. Most people buy a complete upper to avoid buying tools if doing just one upper. Also it will be headspaced and should be test fired at the factory.

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    did you but the upper as a complete parts kit? Usually the barrel extension and bolt will be head spaced by the manufacturer, with the barrel extension already installed. The upper and lower receiver vise blocks are REALLY handy to have from brownells. Their gas block block is handy too, but not a "must have". If you do have to install the barrel, get a descent barrel wrench, it will cut down on heartache from ones with just the two prongs.
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    Read and watch the following before you start:

    Assembly Guide

    The Range Bag - LPK installation

    If you don't want to f**k up the finish on the lower get these:

    • Roll pin punch set
    • Blue painters tape
    • Utility knife or razor blade

    BOLT CATCH ASSEMBLY will be where you have the greatest chance to blemish the lower during assembly. Tape it up and swing the hammer gently.

    FORWARD PIVOT PIN ASSEMBLY is where you need the razor blade. Cover with ziploc bag because I'll bet ya you launch the pin and spring at least once.

    Oh yea, if you are going to change the charging handle latch be sure to bag that process. The latch spring loves to go flying!