Took wife to range - Success!

Discussion in 'Range Report' started by p0ppyman, Jan 8, 2012.

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    Took my wife to the range for the first time today. Also took along another couple we know. My wife never shot a handgun. Key thing is my wife really enjoyed herself and is interested in working on her proficiency. I think what also helped the experience was the number of other women who were present on the lanes firing a range of calibers. Dressed nicely too.

    Like my wife the other two friends did not have much if any experience. We took one lane and I stayed at the firing station to work with my wife and the others one at a time. For an orientation I started by showing each how to handle the gun, where the mag release, safety and slide lock button were located as well as how they operate. I did the standard always keep the muzzle pointed down range.

    Next I took two magazines with one round each and had each of the three go through the sequence from loading the magazine, stance, aim, fire, remove the magazine, clear the chamber, put down the firearm, etc. Then I moved them up to two magazines with five rounds for a cycle and then finally up to two 10 round magazines. They all did well and after the range time ended thanked me for being patient with them and not yelling at them. :) It took a bit more coaching with one of the other women in our group to stop her from placing her finger in the trigger guard before she was ready to shoot but it worked out. I started them at 7 yards and then moved them to 10 yards ending back at 7 yards.

    I also set up a couple's competition so we could work as teams to make it fun. It turned out they each shot about 60 rounds, which for the first time out seemed right. I also got in my shooting. I really enjoyed working with each of them helping them to learn about safety and basic mechanics. I was also impressed on the quality of their shot placement given this was their first time out.

    Now my wife is talking about shooting a .38 next time out. Why not. All in all a successful day and I see the door is open for more gun purchases! :)
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    Excellent. My wife is a very good shot when I can get her to go.

    It is always fun to get more folks involved in the shooting sports.
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    Great job!

    Friend of mine introduced SWMBO and I to shooting and walked us up from a couple of different .22 to couple 9 to .45 and then to his competition .22. It was a fun and PLEASANT experience.

    Contrast that to the guy in the lane next to me that handed his wife/gf a .45 with limited instruction. After a few shots where she was jumping all with each pull of the trigger, she asks if she has to shoot it anymore.