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Took the CCW class today.

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I finished the shooting part of the CCW class this evening. We took the classroom part of the class on Saturday, but got 9 inches of snow so we couldn't go to the range that day. We went tonight and qualified with our pistols. It was a great experience and I learned a lot. The instructor was a Sheriff Lieutenant and he was very knowledgable and helpful when it came to shooting properly. He took a great deal of time to tell us the proper stances, aiming techniques, and sight alignment. Our final test was 12 shots, 6 at 3 yards and 6 at 6 yards. My group was pretty good, except 2 strays that were about 6 inches off target. The officer said I was probably pulling the trigger too fast and hard, and not squeezing it slowly. After I slowed down, I started shooting better. I did pass, as did all 20 some students. So I will hopefully have my CCW permit in a few weeks!
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Congrads on passing the class. It's a nice thing to have and hope you never have to use it. I can see it now, what to wear with this gun and holster. It seems you spend more money on clothes and holsters then you do on the guns. Good Luck:)
markpo 3/26/08

Congratulations also. Getting your CCW permit is just the first step in a long process of becoming proficient with your carry weapon. The next step is some sort of training, either with someone you know who is knowledgable or with one of the many training schools. Once you know the practice drills then its off to the range for practice, practice, practice. It is important to get some formalized instruction before you practice so you don't practice a wrong technique over and over ( which is very hard to un-learn).
Then of course you will get into the quandry of which belt, holster, mode of carry, and concealment clothing fits you best. Most of us have drawers of holsters which we have tried in the quest to find the optimal method for carrying our particular weapon.
By the way- what pistol have you picked as your carry piece? Good luck.

best wishes- oldandslow
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I have a Springfield XD-40 subcompact. It came with a 12 and a 9 round magazine, and has a 3" barrel. I plan on getting some sort of further training, I have been watching Guns&Ammo TV, personal defense TV, and shooting USA. I love the outdoor channel on wednesday nights. Finding time to go to a range and practice is going to be the hard part, but I will make time when it warms up outside. Thank for the congratulations by the way!
There's no substitute for lot's of range time. Even with the price of ammo I try to shoot every weekend. Many times I'll just run one box thru one of my centerfires and then shoot the hell out of my .22s. Any trigger time is a good thing and practice makes us better...
Congrats on accomplishing one of your goals.
I will reinforce what was stated in previous posts, PRACTICE! and practice everything, not just shooting. Practice: retaining your weapon, drawing from various positions/holsters, etc..
Here is a weapons retention/speed draw/ self defense/read the situation game we use to play. The bad guy tries to take down the officer with a knive. Start out with the officer and the bad guy(another officer) about 10 feet apart and increase the distance until the officer can draw, shoot, and retain his weapon. My personel best as a bad guy was 28 ft before the best officer could take me out. We had one guy that was just so fast he could take out every officer from 34ft.
The point being, there are many aspects to CC. Learn more and practice.

PS. Did I mention practice more?:)
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markopo 3/29/08

Sounds like you have a good plan to start your practice sessions, and the XD-40 is a good platform. Let us know how you are doing in a few months with your shooting.

best wishes- oldandslow
Anyone else not required to fire a handgun to get their LTC?
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