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    went to a private range me wifes grandfather has built on his land today to try out some new ammo for both my pistols.

    cobra arms fs380
    winchester 95gr. .380 fmj target/ range (flat tipped ball)
    blazer 95gr. .380 fmj (round nose ball)
    hornady 90gr. .380 critical defense (hollow point)

    28 rnds. as far as the winchester goes i will never buy another box of this **** again. never have i seen a round so poorly designed that i couldnt get through on seven round magazine without a FTF of some sort, ranging from simple failure to chamber to the all to common feeding sideways. the blazer only had one FTF out of the 50+ i put through the pistol today, that being a failure to feed on the first round. i will probably use this for all the range shooting i do from now on. the hornady didnt have one problem and had slightly noticable greater recoil. it also did surprisingly well against the old milk jug full of water test. doing as much noticable damage as my .45 with the wolf ammo.

    taurus millenium pro pt145
    wolf 230gr. .45auto fmj (round nose ball)
    fiocchi 230gr. .45auto fmj (round nose ball)
    federal 230gr. .45auto fmj (round nose ball)
    gold dot 230gr. .45auto gdhp ( LE hollow point)

    200+ rnds. no real noticable difference between the wolf and fiocchi loads except in the past the wolf has created noticably more carbon after use. the federal seemed to have the most recoil of all of them and with no FTF like the cheapo .380, its hard to pick one that is head and shoulders above the rest like with the crit. def. rounds. i found no real difference in the gold dot hollow points that set it aside from any other hollow point other than the "law enforcement' markings all over the box. however due to a personal preferance for hp ammo and a concern for over penitration this is the type of ammo i generally carry.

    i also got a chance to fire my wifes grandfathers beretta 92fs police special. the only real difference being the sighting set up was much different than the one i carried as a MP. im not sure of the type of ammo he uses but i do know it is 9mm luger and hollow point. every time i pick one of these guns up i fall in love with the frame again. as far as accuracy, this week all i did was double tap, magazine change, and sightless fire practice at 25-50 yards. next week i will be going again weather permitting. also i will soon be using some custom loaded rounds for the .45 and cant wait to see what they do.
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    Sounds like you had fun. How about some pics next time?