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    So today I went ahead and got my class out of the way. Sadly, I have to wait a year and a half before I apply for my permit (I am not old enough) but I am glad to have that over and done with. The class was really like beating a dead horse, but truly beneficial for those in there who may not be familiar with gun safety or guns in general, so I understand. I did enjoy talking about all the hypothetical scenarios and the laws- I did learn a fair amount then, I must admit. I also got a perfect score (on both the written test and the shooting portion) In fact, the man was shocked and said something along the lines of "by God those school boys know how to shoot these days". I was pleased with this remark, because I was the first to shoot and was fairly nervous and quite shaky. We shot his gun- a .22 LR (Sig mosquito I think) with a suppressor (he lives in a neighborhood). It was my first time firing a suppressed weapon, and we weren't even using subsonic rounds.... but it was QUIET. The trigger kind of caught me off guard- it SUCKED. But hey, theres no tellin how many rounds have gone through that gun. Another thing that annoyed me was the safety. It was just in a weird location and felt odd pushing it up for fire and down for safe. Overall though I am pleased with what I took away from the course, and happy with my performance (especially with a gun I was entirely unfamiliar with).

    I am all for the 2nd amendment- but honestly there were some people in there who I think should NOT be carrying. It's fine for them to own a gun- but I think they need to learn a lot more and become more experienced (especially regarding safety) before they start carrying

    me... I've got another year and a half of practice left before I actually get to start carrying concealed (I've been practicing basic firearm safety since I got my red ryder when I was 4 so it comes naturally but I can always practice some more I guess) Especially drawing from a holster and shooting my .45. By the time I can carry I should be damn good... I wanna get involved in some IDPA Or something just for fun. I am pretty terrible but hey you gotta start somewhere. Who knows I might even surprise myself
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