Took me and the boys out to the range!

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by DodgerBlue, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. DodgerBlue

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    Took both of my new Berettas' right out of the box to the range.

    I bought my Nano a fews ago and couldn't pass on a new PX4 sub-compact. The px4 was 50.00 off instant plus the 50.00 mail in. All day everyday.

    Tried some one handed shooting with the Nano using Carbon hot rounds! That was a little more than I expected. Still able to be on center of mass. Two handed shooting made the Nano just a joy to shoot. The Nano seems a lil muzzle heavy but makes the flip very slight and staying on target seemed like a breeze.

    The PX4 shot wonderfully! I could stand the trigger to be a lil tighter on SA. But I will master it. The DA on the PX4 was nice and strong. Though it has a decocker I feel good carrying it loaded with the safety off. Grouping was nice and from what I heard that a short barrel 3" px4 was hard to stay on target I seemed to have busted that myth.

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  2. CA357

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    Glad you're happy with them. :cool:

  3. KG7IL

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    I do think the model with the exposed hammer and curved slide end is a unique look.
    Kinda grows on you.