Took MDFI Fundamental Carbine Course

Discussion in 'Training & Safety' started by partdeux, May 14, 2018.

  1. partdeux

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    I took a modified and shorter version of the course exactly two years ago. I took with a 3-9 scope mounted on the rifle and enough problem mags to make the course very difficult to get through.

    Course was much more enjoyable, much more intense, and much longer.

    I've learned I SUCK at emergency mag changes. Also, I haven't completely resolved my mag issue :( Not sure what is different about my Windham firearm that makes it so dang picky on mags.

    Best part of the whole event, while I was not permitted to use a loaded pistol during the transition workshop, I was permitted to have it loaded during the final exam. I ROCKED that portion of the whole exam. Still failed, but I had something to hang my hat on. Where I failed, two rounds, emergency mag change, 1 round in 6 seconds. The other one I failed, 1 round, slide lock, emergency mag change, 1 round, also in 6 seconds.

    Passing requires 10 holes out of 12 total rounds on 8x10 piece of paper at 10 yard. You have to pass to go on to the advanced class. I only had 8 holes.

    I got to hear a suppressed 300 blk... or should I say not hear it :) Trying to decide if I want to buy a 300B pistol or just buy a 5.56 pistol and then buy a separate upper.
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    Training is always good. It helps us compare ourselves and makes us better.
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    Good for you. You learn by your failures, not by your successes. Next time I bet you will ace it.
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    I will take it again, I want my wife to take it and I'll take it with her.

    Ace it, probably not, I don't have time to practice to the level required to pass it, and have no plans to move on to the advanced class. My goal is to be proficient, not an expert.