Took all 3 of my girls out.

Discussion in 'Range Report' started by SHSBulldog06, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. SHSBulldog06

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    First, and foremost, my wife is making me say this. She is worried that ya'll would think she has a big belly in her pic, so she is making me tell ya'll that she is just bundled up and has a big belt on. Don't know why she's worried about it, she's pregnant any ways. (Women?)

    Alright, Man I had so much fun watchin my girls play... It's even better when my wife got comfortable doing that in front of me.... Oh, and yes I did draw the midget Taliban guy myself, already embarrassed about that, no laughs necessary. Taliban guy resided at different ranges, about 20-25 yds for the Kimber and 35-40 yds with the stag. This was the first time shooting the stag, I know I got my work cut-out for me with it, sure looks like I was low/left for the most part with it on the circle target. The .45 holes in the targets are anywhere from 15-20 yards, got some work to do with it also, however, in my defense, I wasn't taking my time with it, trying to speed up my shooting now that I'm finally getting used to it. Still havn't gotten 500 rnds out of the Kimber yet, close to 400 I'd say. Now it's time for the best part, to relax and do some cleaning. This report is probably kinda vague, my main concern was to rub the pics of my wife with my other girl in your faces! .45.jpg



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  2. Shooter

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    Cool pictures and story. Can't wait for my kiddos to be old enough to take out.

  3. lonyaeger

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    That's great that you and the girls got along so well. No need to apologize for the target. You should patent and market them!
  4. SHSBulldog06

    SHSBulldog06 New Member

    sorry for the mis-information guys, I didn't literally mean 3 girls, meant wife and 2 of my guns, but at the same time i was trying to insinuate some dirty stuff happening. I suppose I'm not too good at that. HA
  5. skullcrusher

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    Nice and honest report. It is always fun to take the wife shooting, belly or no belly. :p

    Fwiw, she looks thin even bundles, big belt and preggo. :)
  6. CA357

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    Good report anyway. You both had fun and you made some smoke and noise. :D
  7. Lindenwood

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    Yeah, when I saw this I thought "why is he making dirty jokes about his wife and daughters?" but then I got that you meant your guns, haha:

  8. Jo da Plumbr

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    If it would make your wife feel better we'd be happy to see some more pictures...

    with less clothing.:D:D:D
  9. SHSBulldog06

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    I'll ask her plumber...yea she said she would do it. dang, surprised me. well here ya go. She said if you want some more pics just ask, expecially from 7-3:30 while I'm at work. Whats up with that?

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