Too sensitive of a nation

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by GaryE, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. GaryE

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    America has become way to sensitive to what only forty years ago would have
    been just routine! When I was fourteen myself and some of my friends would
    walk through the neighborhood with out 22 rifles and shotguns on our way to
    hunt out in the woods. Today there would be all kinds of police surrounding us
    with guns pointed our way. While government and others put their attention
    on what isn't a threat they have let in our country many illegals who are from
    the middle east and Mexico who commit crimes against us.
    Because of this misdirection of priorities many groups of terrorist are hidden
    throughout our country just waiting for the word to strike. Our military is so stretched thin while our law enforcement is being cut down in size that it will
    be up the the armed citizens to fight when this war on our turf begins. Those
    who are unarmed will definitely be victims. I see this coming and its not a matter if but when this takes place. We the people better take back control
    and turn this country around fast. I served in our military only to see years
    later our nations business's and government betray its people. Look at the mess we're in. I'm sure the generations to be will look with disgust at what
    we have left them.
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  2. NwGun

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    I agree.

    By the way it is, "too" :D

  3. collegekid20

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    agreed, and we can mostly thank the democrats for that. Thank goodness NObama is too stupid to go through with anything he promised and all his criminal and illegal constituents have mostly turned on him. maybe with a few good presidents we can turn our nation around in the next decade or two.
  4. GaryE

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    spelling error

    I meant to say "with our guns" instead of "with out". I'm sure those reading
    realized I made a typing error. Don't forget what day this is: On this day 66
    yrs. ago D-Day took place. May we honor that generation and their sacrifice
    always and forever.
  5. WannaGator

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    We need more Gov't ?

    1) The Gov't needs to get out of the way. It is making a gobaweful mess of everthing it touches.
    2) We the people are trully the last line of defense.

    I can relate as a teen I used to carry a rifle around all day. No one had aproblem with this even on others property.
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  6. robocop10mm

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    We used to go duck and goose hunting after school. We would keep our shotguns in the back window rifle racks in the school parking lot. I NEVER got questioned or harassed about it.
  7. WannaGator

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    Wow Robo!

    Today someone would $#^* a brick about that.
  8. GaryE

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    a few cave dwellers

    Today we have a few that have never dealt with reality and for the most
    part hid under their mothers skirt too long. These same people are the ones
    who make a scene out of nothing. Our government are themselves a majority of this type. I couldn't imagine what our grandfathers
    would think of the pathetic laws and whining that goes on in our times. In their
    time such a person just plain got his/her *** kicked a few times to bring them
    into reality. Today many people are idiots. When I was young if you had
    a beef with someone you met after school and the two of you fought it out
    whereas today someone regardless of age would be facing an assault charge.
    We as a people cannot survive with these current methods - hell people are
    to scared to take care of business because our government has said you'll
    be punished if you fight back yet the government as we now have does nothing to fix a wrong but enforces it. Just take a look at our justice system.
    Its looked on as a joke around the rest of the world. As for me I'll take care
    of business myself. Its the only way anything will get done right. I will not
    worry about the consequences whatsoever!!
  9. pandamonium

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    Lots of folks have bought into the "guns are evil" bullcrap line for most of their lives, There will no changing the majority of them.
    This country truely needs for folks to read, learn and understand what the Constitution and Bill of Rights mean to us as Americans.
    It is realy not nescessary to agree with all of the Rights in the BoR, it is enough to know that if the Government can disregard ANY of the Rights therein, and pass illegal laws restricting or denying those rights, then it can happen to ANY of the Rights we cherish.
  10. DrumJunkie

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    You just don't understand. EVERYTHING IS EVIL! And it hurts peoples feelings. And hurting feelings is bad. I know because I read it on this thing. And you know dang well that things with readings on them are 213% more true than things with no readings on them. The only part I can't get figgert out is if I'm hurting someone's feelings but not doing so hurts my feelings. Does that mean they are not being politically correct? Well, I guess because everything is evil it don't matter. What we need to do is get rid of everything evil and we will all get along like those guys at hte end of a Star Trek show. They get along and get to kiss a green girl. And I've been hearing for years we need to all be going green.