Too Much Oil?

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  1. After my last trip to the range I may have used to much oil after cleaning my G30, I noticed since this is sometimes my carry gun. Any way the other day before putting it in it's holster I wanted to check the magazine and noticed that there was a bit of oil on the first round and on th sides of the mag. Is this bad?
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    Probably not the best thing. Oil can get into the cartridge and could possibly compromise it's effectiveness.



    To Much Oil!

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    I'm gonna dis-agree strongly with the previous poster, while too much oil will not damage your hand gun or weapon, it will let grit and dirt accumulate and gum up the works, a "LIGHT" coat of oil on action parts is best and Not an OIL Bath! If it's Ozzing out all over, it's WAYYYYYY TOO MUCH! Wipe it all off and make sure it doesn't contact the catridges, as that may effect them, as the previous poster mentioned! Clean them well, carry them well and use them when ya must! In desert Conditions Like our Troops are seeing in Iraq and Afganistan. TOO MUCH OIL is the stuff of Nightmere's, Now I know we don't all fight in the desert, but too Much oil can make your day a rotten one, Hopefully only on the range and not on the street, where it counts?

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    My experience (on any gun) has shown me that putting a small amount of oil on a patch or rag and then applying that to the part is better than dropping oil directly to the barrel or part and then wiping it off. It does not take much oil to lubricate and protect from rust. A small can of gun oil should last you quite a long time!