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What's your choice and why?

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  1. Bersa Thunder 380

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  2. Glock 23 Gen.3

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  3. 1911 Compact (Colt Defender)

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  4. 5 shot snub nose revolver (S&W642 etc.)

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  1. DodgeThis

    DodgeThis New Member

    I have another buddy looking at getting his self a hand gun. It will be his only hand gun. He has had a few in the past and is comfy around them. As he has started working in a not so good area, he decided to get one again. He will be carrying it concealed, using it at the range with me, and home defense. His problem is much like mine, he likes too many different types. He likes the capacity and reliability of the Glock 23 as well as the size, comfort, etc.. Option 2 is Bersa Thunder 380. Most affordable, comfortable, and reliable, but hates the caliber. Number 3, 5 shot wheel gun. SP101, S&W442, etc.. Like the ultimate simpicity and reliabilty, but doesn't agree with the capacity. Then there's the compact 1911. Nothing more needs to be said, right.
    Like I've said, he and I agree on all four of these, but for him, he can't decide on just one. Maybe you can help. The weigh out is listed below.
    Thank you for your help.

    Pro's vs. Con's

    Most comfortable---Bersa

    Most attractive---Snub nose

    Most capacity---G23

    Most knock down---1911

    Most expensive---1911


    Most expensive to shoot---Bersa

    Best selection of accessories---Glock/1911

    Greatest simplicity---Revolver

    Slowest reload---Revolver

    Least capacity---Revolver

    There are likely to be some points that I forgot!
  2. BikerRN

    BikerRN New Member

    I voted for the Glock with a caveat.

    The caveat being that the 1911 is a less than 4" barrel. I don't find the reduced barrel legnth 1911's to be reliable enough as a whole to consider them and by shortening the barrel you also reduce the velocity. If the choice was between my 5" barrel in a 1911 and a Glock I'd take the 1911 every time. I carry a 1911 most days but would suggest your friend look for a .40 S&W Hi Power if concealability is an issue as it is a little easier to conceal than a full size 1911 in my opinion. It also has the capacity, ten plus one, that the 1911 lacks. Another option is the Hi Power in 9mm.

    I wouldn't worry about the "stopping power" of the various rounds as all handgun rounds are marginal at best in my opinion. Load your chosen handgun with high quality defensive ammo and practice, practice, practice. I'm not a Glock fan, own two of them and the wife owns one as well, but for what they are they are hard to beat. You can buy two Glocks for the price of a decent 1911 or a Hi Power. When I need to really be concealed I leave the 1911 at home and pack the Hi Power as it is a little shorter in the butt and the butt is the part that's hard to hide.

  3. sweeper22

    sweeper22 New Member

    If you're going to have "only one" handgun, it really shoudn't be a snubnose or a 380. So that leaves Glock and 1911 on your list. Since you say your friend likes the size and comfort (ie, fit?) of a Glock, and since he values utter simplicity, Glock seems like the best answer.

    Glock would never be the best answer for me and there's a whole ton of alternatives that you don't even mention (Sig, XDm, CZ, larger frame revolver, etc), but per your list and your citeria...that's probably the safest bet.

    I would suggest buying a Glock if he does in fact already like their fit. I would suggest also investigating the XDm45 3.8 compact, Ruger SR9c, and compact alloy Sigs (P229, P239).
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  4. dks7895

    dks7895 New Member

    Ruger SR9c is my new favorite.
  5. orangello

    orangello New Member

    The Bersa, if he doesn't carry it, it won't be a good carry gun (comfort issue). He probably won't be burning through enough ammo for the cost to be a big factor, and the newer Hornady HP's are said to be VERY effective and feed well on my sister's Bersa.

    If he really hates the .380, has he considered a Kahr CW9: 9mm, well-reviewed, holds 7+1, simple operation like a glock or revolver.
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  6. Paladin201

    Paladin201 New Member

    None of the above. Bersa is a good choice, but if it's his only gun, I'd opt for the Thunder 9, rather than the 380. Or, I agree, the Kahr CW9 is also a very good choice, or the smaller CM9.
  7. JTJ

    JTJ Well-Known Member Supporter

    The only one I would choose from the ones listed is the Colt. The list needs to expand some and we dont know his hand size or grip preference. The Bersa is the same size as a small 9mm. Look at the Kahr pistols. Ruger SR9c for a higher capacity. The G23 is a little large and may be harder to conceal. Or is he thinking of the G26? G36 if he wants a Glock in 45 or a G30 if he has big hands. I would rather shoot a 45 than a 40 but that is personal. If he is willing to go the size of the G23, look at the XD45 compact.
  8. DodgeThis

    DodgeThis New Member

    Actually, through his experiences, these are the four that he has narrowed it down to. I suggested several other ideas, but there's something about each one of them that he doesn't like. So these four options are the only four options for him. I like all of them too, but yet all of them are so different.
  9. utf59

    utf59 New Member

    Of the four listed and given the circumstances outlined in the OP, I'd go with the Glock, purely for the capacity. If I could stretch the list a tiny bit, I'd say a G19 instead of a 23, mostly for capacity, but also for the cost of ammo.

    It's really tough for me to get past the "only gun" stipulation. :D
  10. orangello

    orangello New Member

    Yup, if i could only have one of those four as my "one & only", i would have to get the glock, but i don't think i would want to carry it (i don't concealed carry, just in the car). Of those, the Bersa is the carry pistol for me.
  11. USMC-03

    USMC-03 New Member

    My vote goes for the Glock
  12. jpattersonnh

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    HOSSFLY New Member

    I didn't vote---------
    You, your friend or whatever will buy what you want anyway-
    Never understood these poll threads :rolleyes:
  14. orangello

    orangello New Member

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