Tony Dungee is Starting to REALLY BUG . . . (Now Guns)

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    So when Vick was released from prison for all of his dog fighting, torturing, neglecting and killing DOZENS of Dogs, (all of which I would value over the life of Vick. :mad:) 'ol Tony Dungee was there making a plea for the NFL to give Vick his second chance, which we all know he got.

    Part of his rehabilitation program was to enroll with the ASPCA and eventually "educate" other people of his background the "dangers" of dog fighting (getting caught) so to prevent other young, rich black men from having several horrific kennels, containing tortured pit bulls for the purpose of fighting. And most of America is dumb enough to believe that in 2 years time a person can have so much of a T-R-U-E switch ? ? ?From killing to teaching how not to kill? ? ? W T F ???

    That's not enough. . .

    Plaxico Burress was recently released from his prison sentence for shooting himself in the leg at a New York night club. In my eyes the difference is incomparable to Vick's crime Plaxico's crime was a victimless crime, except for himself (laughable) and he served only ONE month less than Vick. The guy is an idiot and shouldn't be allowed around guns. . . .AGREED!!! Now Plaxico wants his 2nd chance (which I would personally give him as NO ONE WAS HURT!!!) HOWEVER,Tony Dungee is putting the blame of this on THE GUN!!! They are now advertising that he (Burress) has partnered with the National Urban League and the Brady Center to combat gun violence.:eek:

    ARE YOU KIDDING!!! Some moron shoots himself and it's the gun's fault!!! I'm all for forgiveness, but NOT shifting blame. Plaxico said I'm sorry I made a mistake. This was not an intentional act of violence, just a high profile opportunity for the Brady Bunch to warp a few minds. :)

    Tony Dungee. . . I used to really respect the guy (football related only) and liked to hear him as a guest analyst, but now I can't even look at him. :mad:
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    Tony Dungee is a good man. WTS, Jimmy Carter is a good man and he was a complete tool of a President. If the ASPCA would not have crucified Dungee, he would have blamed the dogs for Michael Vick's woes.

    Mr. Dungee is now on my "don't watch" list.

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    Professional athletes and people associated with professional sports have the same mentality as those in Gov't ... the rules of society don't necessarily pertain to them. :mad:

    Any athlete that has made it to the Pro's has been given a wide berth of indiscretion since displaying his first sign of aptitude and skill. Sometimes going as far back as Little League or Junior High. This allows them to develop a warped view of reality and society around them. That somehow, the rules don't really apply to them.

    Vick is a murderer, plain and simple. How many folks in the NFL feel like given Gry Ridgeway a second chance? :cool:
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    It's understandable. While I obviously like guns, the image of a role model like a professional athlete being irresponsible with guns and getting away with it will lead to more dumbass kids shooting themselves and each other. Dog fighting isn't nearly as possible for most city kids that are so swayed by professional athletes, but you can buy a gun on a corner for $50 if you don't mind it having been used for a couple of murders.
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    who exactly is dungee?? why should i give a flip??

    if he is an actor or athelete or popstar then he automatically has a spot on my list of worthlessness i would rather contract ebola and violent explosive diahrea than associate with one of them. one of those types has a lot to prove before any of em can be elevated to human status.
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    Sounds like prosecutorial/government blackmail to me. A high-profile person gets busted for a firearms-related crime in NY & the anti's in charge (cough Bloomersberg cough) will extort you into helping them with their BS smear campaign against the 2nd amendment. I feel bad for the voters of NY, but they need to roll those bums not just out of office, but out of their state (preferably into the river).
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    Here's a quick bio on Tony's personal life. His mentoring of Vick is consistent with his beliefs, IMO.

    Dungy's tenure in Tampa Bay as the head coach of the Buccaneers brought greater attention to his personal accomplishments outside of sports. Tony Dungy has earned widespread respect both on and off the field due to what many see as strong convictions and high personal standards of ethics and behavior, which affect his behavior as both a coach and as a member of his community. He has been active in many community service organizations in the cities in which he has coached. While in Tampa Bay, Dungy worked as a public speaker for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Athletes in Action.[12]

    He began a mentoring program for young people called Mentors for Life, and provided Buccaneers' tickets for the participants. He also supported other charitable programs in the area such as Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Boys and Girls Club, the Prison Crusade Ministry, foster parenting organizations, and Family First. His community involvement and care continues in Indianapolis where Tony helped launch the Basket of Hope program which aids patients at the Riley Hospital for Children. He continues to assist Big Brothers/Big Sisters and the Boys and Girls Club in Indianapolis. He also supports the Black Coaches Association National Convention and Indiana Black Expo.[12]

    Dungy is an evangelical Christian and at one point in his coaching career considered leaving football for the prison ministry.[4] Throughout his career, he has remained involved with community service organizations.[32] On March 20, 2007, Dungy aligned himself with a socially conservative organization, the Indiana Family Institute, and openly supported an amendment to the Indiana constitution which would have defined marriage as solely between one man and one woman.[33]

    Dungy is married to Lauren Harris of Pittsburgh[4] and has two daughters, Tiara and Jade, and five sons, Jamie (died December 22, 2005), Eric, Jordan, Justin and Jason. Jamie committed suicide at age 18, outside of Tampa.[34] The Dungys still keep their home in the Tampa Bay area. Dungy's son, Eric, plays football at the University of Oregon.

    On September 6, 2007, The Indianapolis Star reported that the Davie-Brown Index (DBI), an independent celebrity rating service for advertisers, places Dungy in the top 15 of the 900 actors, musicians, TV personalities, and sports celebrities it ranks for overall appeal, putting him on a level with actors such as Tom Hanks and Morgan Freeman. Among sports figures, he ranks second only to Hank Aaron.[32]

    On February 27, 2008, Indiana Wesleyan University honored Dungy in a ceremony where he was inducted into IWU's Society of World Changers.[35] Dungy also received an honorary doctorate of humane letters from the university.[36][37]

    On August 5, 2009, Dungy spoke at the 53rd General Council of the Assemblies of God.

    Since retirement, Dungy has become an informal mentor to the formerly suspended NFL player Michael Vick, counseling him during his incarceration and, with the help of Donovan McNabb, convincing Eagles owner Jeff Lurie and head coach Andy Reid to consider signing him to the team's roster.