tonight I seen a drone

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    I was working and as I go back into a building I looked up and,seen a plane. And it stopped me dead in my tracks, not because I knew it was a drone but because it didn't flow naturally. Normal a plane goes from point a to b. This one didn't. It's hard to explain but it was very different and noticeable enough for my conscious mind to stop me and gaze. It looked to be still and close but I heard no noise and it's lights were very strong not bright but strong. It wasn't a fading red or blue it was a deep red and blue. It also didn't fly like a plane kind turned this way and that. I live in a populated are, Dfw, and I just found,this odd and had to share.
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    Today's Drone is yesterday's Rendelsham or Phoenix Lights. In Every culture they call something out of place in the sky by a name someone throws on them.

    99% of what we notice that is out of reference is some black op our gov built with your tax dollars.

    I have seen several odd things. Normal looking heavy planes flying too slow to create lift, and moving without a sound, and a helicopter making no sound. The lack of sound can be easily explained by computer technology of sound cancelling sound. The slow heavy plane is a mystery.

    I seldom go out at night anymore, because the night belongs to secret projects, and they can have em. Don't care to see anymore.

    Four police officers followed one across southern illinois a few years ago. Detailed programs on you tube.

    Gov projects that are black op tick me off.

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    Yea that make sense and all but what about it being stopped mid air. Didn't elevate or drop but dead stop
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    Until last year I had been silent about what I had seen or rather was diagonally under looking up at it in the wee hours of 3 a.m. November 1999 as a security guard in Williams Island (where lived Jimmy Johnson, Sophia Loren, and an array of wealthy families). A huge, black, heavy triangular shaped aircraft hovered 100 feet above me. Without a sound ... heavy ... huge ... silently still ... over me ... then ever so slowly it turned ... easing up along a high rise condo ... I thought perhaps it was a secret anti-gravity project our government was involved in ... then who the hell knows. I only know it takes a lot to scare me. But after a while looking up at it and thinking it was so close a 'clank' could be heard if a rock was thrown at it ... the sudden realization of the weight of the thing falling on me made me dash away with fright. Once inside the guardhouse I looked out the window and witnessed this humongous object ever so silently slowly move in the night. Never spoke of it all these years until last year.
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    There are many battery powered drone craft used by police, other agencies. and eve citizens. These things will to make much noise and there are ways to make them more quiet as explained above. Mose of these things are pretty small and the lack of sound can make them seem farther away especially at night. Some of these smaller craft can hover. All this being said It would be about impossible to say what or whom could be operating such a craft. But we where told in the media the feds wanted to get some in their and police departments and other agencies where buying them in pretty large numbers as well.
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    Well they said what I seen lastnight was a solar powered plane, which closely resembles a UAV.
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    About ten years ago I saw a small plane, or large r/c go over my house. It had an internal combustion engine by the sound of it. I doubt it was big enough for a pilot, other than a feral test cat. It casually flew over my property, and out of pure instinct, I mooned it. Seriously. If anyone is using such a device to see what I'm doing in my backyard, government or civilian, they deserve to see my hairy pimpled azz. :)
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    Did you have your Mossy with you? You can hang the drone on the wall next to the ducks.;)
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    Oh yes ... I see them ALL the time here on a military base. They are practicing whatever but I've heard others talk about seeing them in a crowded city, and I believe it - no doubt - if they fly low enough I don't even know if the FAA has to be involved (but these are the Feds after all - they get away with anything, and I'm a 23 year Fed myself!)
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    From Redstone? I haven't seen any (I'm in Athens) and I haven't heard much about them. I do see a lot of Blackhawks and Chinooks and a bunch of C-130s.
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    Sure glad you folks are speaking up about seeing "Strange" things in the sky.
    In my many years I have seen some sights.
    Say something,
    And most people look at you and :rolleyes:.
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    LOOK at ya? I'm reading this and doing it...
    I've seen alotta drones though. Usually on Election and Gov't Cheese day.
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    Grew up near Edwards Air Force Base, where they test a lot of stuff. Saw things when camping that didn't make sense until years later when they were declassified.
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    I thought it finished it's cross-country trip last week?
    EDIT* I was wrong:

    The cats are watching you; be ready. :p