Tommy Gun TM1 bolt hardness question?

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    This new Thompson TM1 fired the first 100 rounds of my reloads flawlessly. It was a kick. Then I disassembled it for the first time to clean, and couldn’t stomach the site of the rough edges and the premature wear do to the stamped out parts in the trigger assembly. So I cleaned it up with an Arkansas stone. I didn’t have the same reliability with the next trip to the range. Stove piping and miss feeds, way to much. Partly do to my Sear work but my concern is the end of the bolt. The lip of the bolt that contacts the case to extract the round from the clip is mushrooming. It is starting to close in enough to not allow the case head to secure itself in side the bolt. A file test shows no signs of a hardened metal? Can someone tell me what’s up with that?
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