Tomcat not so hot!

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by mortswife97630, May 16, 2009.

  1. mortswife97630

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    Hi, I'm new today. I have lots to learn so I'm listening. I have a Ruger Mark III that I love. I bought a Beretta Tomcat @ the last gunshow and I hate it. It misfires about every other cartridge; whether it's me or hubby shooting. I want a Kimber Ultra Carry II 9mm for a carry gun. What is the opinion of this gun? Cheryl
  2. CA357

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    Welcome here. The Kimber is an excellent pistol. If it's in your budget, I'd suggest that you also consider the Springfield 9mm EMP.

    I'm not a big Beretta fan, so I can't/won't say anything about your Tomcat.

  3. c3shooter

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    Personally? I feel that the 32 ACP is a bit on the light side for self defense, and too pricy for just plinking. The Tomcat has a design issue that I dislike- no extractor. It relies on pressure from firing to eject the fired case. IF you have a misfire in a defense scenario, you can't just rack the slide to eject and chamber a fresh round.

    Kimbers? If you can afford the $$$, very good guns.
  4. mortswife97630

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    It's MY gun!

    Hubby's trying to talk me out of the Kimber Ultra; for now I'm target practicing with his Star 9mm. OK, it's very nice. The Kimber may be a little easier on my osteoarthritis. I like the substancial weight of the Star, but I saw a Kimber at an NRA banquet here and I loved it. I'm still hoping to win one :)
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    A big welcome to ya ! I'm a Glock guy so what can I say other than a 9mm. will do the job. Good shooting and stay safe !
  6. Shooter

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    I've toyed with the Tomcat before and read reviews. Never had jam issues. Have you tried thoroughly cleaning it and firing different ammo?
  7. matt g

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    The Tomcat uses a funky ejection system. Make sure that the parts are well oiled and clean. If you've already tried that, use different ammo. What are you using for ammo now? Hold old is the piece?

    I'm Kimber's best advertisement. I've had a Compact II for about 6 or 8 years now. It's the best pistol that I've ever fired, dollar for dollar. There are nicer 1911s available, but they come at 2 to 3 times the price of a Kimber.

    Mine has about 12k rounds on it with ne'er a misfire, failure to feed or failure to extract. They are 1911s though, so you will, if you don't already use it, need to learn proper hold, as stove piping as rearward ejection can be an issue with a weak hold. If you don't know the proper hold for a 1911, Google "Massad Ayoob+1911". There are a few articles available online that detail his hold for a 1911. Early on in my love affair with 1911s, I was told to look up his hold and use it. It, and proper marksmanship techniques, allow me to deliver accurate shots out to 50 yards with my Compact II.

    My Compact II:


    My 50 yard steel:


    Welcome to the forum. Let me know if there's anything that I can help you with.
  8. Going Postal

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    I love Beretta pistols as a whole, but with that said, I had trouble with the Tomcat from the very beginning. I bought one about three years ago, the first time I took it to the range, something in the trigger mechnism broke (don't know what it was) so the pistol was sent back to Beretta. When I got it back, I fired a few rounds through it, just to make sure it goes bang, and stuck it in the safe where it resides today. I have never had any problems with any other Beretta that I have ever owned.
  9. Flint Rock

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    For years I have carried a Tomcat in my back pocket when there was no way to carry anything larger. I admit I don't shoot it as much as I should, 200 rounds or so a year, but I can't ever recall a misfire, ejection, or feeding issue. I use Mag Tech ammo and have found the gun to be reasonably accurate. If your Tomcat is not performing well:mad:, I would return it to Beretta for attention, it has too much potential;) to become a gun safe queen.
  10. stalkingbear

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    While it IS possible to repair your Tomkat to 100% reliability, I suspect your view of it is now skewed or that it's "tainted" because of it's problems. In other words, you'll never trust it to carry again. That's why it's going to be a good idea to get a new gun. I suggest bumping up to a .40S&W or even a .45acp as you can get them in the same size package as the 9mm you're thinking about.