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  1. Patriot98

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    Has any one here used a tokarev for ccw or home protection? Is the 7.62x25 a good self defense round?
  2. downsouth

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    Only shot x25 with a cz52, which is fun as hell. From what I know and read the cartridge was designed to penetrate 2 or 3 layers of wool to get to the vitals of disidents (peasents). The bullet would put a hole in them all the way through and the victim would die of blood loss.

  3. SSGN_Doc

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    There is not a lot of good "defense" ammo out there for it. The round is very fast, and known to penetrate like mad. It is one of teh few handguns that will penetrate some soft body armor that other pistols will not. The Chinese police use body armor that is Tokarev rated if that gives a hint to it's penetration characteristics.

    I wouldn't pick it as a first choice if you have neighbors and loved ones in the house or nearby. For carry it's not that great because it was originally designed with no external safety, and a single action trigger. Safe carry was with an empty chamber or with the hammer on half cock, which invites accidental discharges. Many versions had safeies added as an afterthought, and aren't usually the easiest to manipulate, or teh most possitive for staying in the safe position.