Todays result at the shooting range

Discussion in 'Training & Safety' started by kdog, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. kdog

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    Hi guys,

    just came back from the range.

    Attached are three pics documenting my result for today.
    Not very good, but I have had much worse.

    For the stats:

    Weapon: CZ75 pre B
    Caliber: 9mm Para
    Distance: 25m static
    Fired rounds: 50
    Point of aim: dead center on the bullseye
    Weather: approx. 10 degrees celsius, slightly gusty sky

    first 15 rounds

    second 15 rounds

    last 20 rounds

    Any advice on the mistakes?

  2. dnthmn2004

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    There is a simple chart floating around this site. I would suggest loosening your grip a little and more breath control.

  3. kdog

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    Thank`s for the chart and the feedback.

    I lossend my grip quite a bit to the last times I went shooting, but I might still be gripping to hard.
  4. Dillinger

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    kdog - from the pictures I am inclined to agree that you might be holding too tight and perhaps need some work on trigger control.

    The good thing is that several of your shots are in the same area, so if you can fix what is causing the low left through the grip and the trigger control, you probably will be having a bunch more rounds on target than not.

    The key is getting all the rounds in the same area - once you are doing that, you can then move the grouping around by fixing the minor problems with your technique.

    More practice is in your future bro - let us know how you are doing...
  5. dango

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    All in all,good shooting,you hit the paper ! I have good days and I have bad days,but I can always hit center mass.I guess I don't practice enough,but do when I can. Keep plugging away,I think a round zinging by someone's ear is still a good deterent !!;)

    SGT-MILLER New Member

    Your groupings aren't all that bad for 25m. My only suggestion would be to remember to do the exact same thing every time you pull the trigger. If you haven't already, make up a "routine" for every trigger pull. Here's an example of what I say in my head when I'm going for slow accurate hits:

    "Okay, grip the pistol correctly."

    "Aim at the target, and concentrate on my front sight post. Gotta make sure the target is fuzzy and the sight post is clear"

    "Okay, make sure only the pad of my trigger finger is on the trigger. Good"

    "Control the breathing. Slow it down, and let my breath out until I hit my natural respiratory pause."

    *breathes in, then breathes out slowly*

    "Maintain proper sight picutre, slowly squeeze the trigger to the rear. The shot should be a surprise. Remember that that shot should be a ----"


    "Hold the trigger to the rear. Okay recoil is done. Let off the trigger until it clicks. Good. Now start again."
  7. Rentacop

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    I vote for " flinch ", meaning unconciously fighting the recoil by pulling down as the muzzle starts to rise . I'll bet this doen't happen to you with an air gun or a .22 .
    I assume you have zeroed your gun and fired from a bench enough to know where your gun and ammo print .
    No, it isn't bad shooting but you can improve it , perhaps with ball and dummy drills . You may want to try the "bump drill" that Sig's trainer recommends : Press the trigger just short of firing over and over until you fire accidentally - You'll find out what a surprise break feels like !
  8. kdog

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    Thank`s for the advices given till now.

    My hunch is a bit of both.
    To tight grip and a bit of trigger flinching.

    Since the hits on all three targets are pretty much in the same area of the target, I think the tight grip is the bigger part of my mistakes I make.
  9. kdog

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    Hi guys,

    went to the range yesterday and shot the Spanish FR-8 (Mauser K-98) in .308 from a friend of mine on 50 meters.
    This was the first we shot that rifle at all, since I rebuiolt it to a longrange rifle including scope.
    So this was a pure testrun befor we go at the 100meters on thursday.

    Here the result from me doing 10 rounds on the 50 meters.

    The hits that are a bit to low, are due to a guy next to me shooting a Desert Eagly in Cal. .50. Scared the sh.t out of me every time.

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  10. kdog

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    Just a short update.

    Last time at the range, we found out, that my sight is still not as it should be.
    Aiming spot on dead center, what I was doing on the targets at the beginning of this thread, the rounds still come in a few rings to low. So I need to file down the front sight a little bit more, but not much.

    When I aimed just on the above black edge of the target, the round came in spot on.

    So the main problem are the sights.