To Teach Gun Control or Not?

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by mrbirdguy, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. mrbirdguy

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    Why do they teach kids these days things like. ( a+b=? ) but not things like common sence and gun safety it boggles my mind people can add letters and get a number but understand nothing about gun safety and not be scared of them

    I think most criminals use guns to play on peoples fears
    I think knoledge is gowing the wrong way
    I work in construction I hate ie when people call you for your experties and try to tell you how to do it but if thet is so why did you call in the first place
    Anyway why do. They not teach gun safety in school these days
    As a comedian once said if guns kill people I can blame misspelled words on my pencle! !
  2. c3shooter

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    As poorly as they teach children OTHER subjects, I shiver at the thought of how badly they would handle this. That is one subject I make sure my kids (and now grandkids) are HOME SCHOOLED in!

  3. saviorslegacy

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    I totally agree that everyone needs schooling in firearms! Schools purpose is to teach children skills to operate in this world. Weapons are something in this world.
    Now me, I have guns in my room. I have a rifle in the closet hidden in the corner.
    Now, I also have a cap and ball revolver that I keep in the drawer of my night stand. It is ALWAYS kept unloaded... because that is how I have been taught. Only load a gun if you intend on shooting it right then and there.
    Anyways, I had it out one day cleaning it and my brother friend was over. He asked if he could see. I said, "sure". I wiped the little bit of rem oil that was on it off, checked the cylinder for balls and caps before putting it into the gun, checked it again for caps after I had placed cylinder inside of the frame and then handed him the handle. I told him right then and there not to point it at anybody and to not dry fire it. He looked at it, cocked it (I helped him not to dry fire it) and handed it back to me. I finished cleaning it up, put it in my holster and stuck it in my drawer. Later that night I left the room with my little brother (14) and his friend in there. My bro's friend decided it was a good idea to get my revolver out. I walked in as soon as he coked it and pointed it at my brother! :eek: We both had a fit on him. I removed the gun from him and told him that if he ever touched it again without my permission I was going to give him a world of pain. My brother also went to disarm him.
    Lets just say, we were both thoroughly pissed at him.
    I know he didn't check to see if it was loaded!

    I found another hiding place for it. Right now I don't have a safe, so all I can do is put it some where out of site and not let people know where it is.

    Perfect example right here. If I was as stupid as he was I might have kept the thing loaded all of the time. Which means he could have killed my little brother! :mad:
    Father and I schooled him a little bit on firearms that night.

    Anyone else have a story were stupidity with guns could have cost someone their life?
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  4. Shooter

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    I'm personally against people teaching my children how to use firearms. For one, it's my job, and two, I'm never going to tolerate my child being taught improperly from a poorly devised curriculum.

    I feel the same way about sexuality education
    ( intentionally relabeling it). I have no issue with schools going into the anatomy aspect (sex ed) of it, but when they try to push an ideal on my child, regardless of whether I agree with it, I am incensed. To educate is not to push an agenda, it's to provide my child with the facts and tools necessary to move into adult hood at the predetermined acceptable level, that way we are all operating from the same point. You leave the raisin' to me.
  5. cpttango30

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    Sorry no one is allowed to teach my kids anything about firearms unless their name starts with CPTand ends with TANGO30.

    Thats right I teach my kids about firearms safety no one else needs to.
  6. orangello

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    I do think some basic firearms training would be good for kids, VERY BASIC such as: "don't get in front of the barrel end" & "if you find one of these, ask someone else to move it for you" & "bullets can go BANG if heated or beaten" & "don't play Russian Roulette until you are fluent in rushin' to the hospital".

    I think marksmanship (maybe just pellet rifles) would be a great OPTIONAL class for Jr. High or High School, mainly for the children of people too busy to hunt or shoot or help their kids with those topics.
  7. mrbirdguy

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    What about all the kids who have no parents or grandparents who dealing with guns. Or kids of people that are scared of guns how else should kids learn to act around guns perhaps evin know how to saftly unload. One
  8. Gordo323

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    I learned how to shoot from my grandfather, he also taught me the importance of spelling, and punctuation, and my dad reinforced this on a continual basis as well. I am passing down the tradition to my children and grandchildren.
    We didn’t have spell check, when I grew up either.
    Here’s a photo of my son, handing the tradition on down.
    Somebody will teach anybody that's interested:)
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