To share or not to share , that is the question.?

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    SHARE , that's right..! One can only spend so much time in bed..! One can also spend so much time at the table , TV, etc..! That leaves a rather large % of life to live..! Me being so (SHALLOW) , what ever would I do with all that time on my hands..? I would love to share the adventure I so crave and need.! My psychopathic , self indulging self centered ness has most defiantly hampered our
    Ability to SHARE) much of anything..! Not because of.being overweight , but of the physical inability to do much .

    Well now , I would not want to kill her with all my (LOVE AND SHARING) so not to be so.........(Narsistic) I guess I'll set no expectation , settle for the first wild-a-beast that enters my field of view ..!:p I love camping , skiing , climbing , martial arts , hiking and other very physical exploits ..!

    OK then , I shall set no limits , no vision of the future throw the proverbial dart into the masses and take (IT) home and live miserably for the rest of our lives.!

    Amen..! :confused:

    Reality ...!
    I am very physical.! When I look into the mirror , I see what I don't like and do the best I can to (IMPROVE IT)..! This (SHARING THING) is a two sided coin ,
    Their side and my side ..! In able to (SHARE) the wonderful life I love , excite , feel , touch , the absolute experience , this other must be to a certain degree ,
    Somewhat healthy to begin with..! To do anything less than this , we would both find ourselves alone ..! I will make compromise , but I can not and will not become someone I don't know how to..!

    Yes , I do have certain expectations..!

    "My skinny white azz)..? I agree and am working very , very hard to change that! This package , (ME) will be exciting , kind , gentle , loving and as damn pretty as i can offer..! Yeap , pretty if possible..! Do I expect gold , platinum diamonds ..? Nope , just some one to understand me , touch me , excite me
    And be excited in return..! Never had a lady complain..!

    I need some able to keep up with me to (SHARE) anything!

    VAIN , SO BE IT...! :eek: